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Norwegian Singer ARBAZ Releases His New Bollywood Inspired Track ‘Love’

Norwegian Singer ARBAZ Releases His New Bollywood Inspired Track ‘Love’

ARBAZ Releases His New Bollywood Inspired Track ‘Love’

Norwegian singer and producer ARBAZ releases his new Bollywood-inspired single ‘Love.’

Hailing from Norway bilingual singer, songwriter, and producer ARBAZ has already achieved so much in his musical career. Originally known for being a rapper, ARBAZ is remembered for his unforgettable performance at the final in Melodi Grand Prix Jr. 2010″, and final in “UKM competitions” (2009) in Norway. With a strong passion for giving back to his community ARBAZ has been involved in many youth initiatives, including being dubbed in a youth series called “AF1” on the NRK-Norwegian National TV channel, performing at the Norway Youth Football Cup and headlining the Red Cross 150th Anniversary at Oslo City Hall.

Following on from his inspiring football anthem ‘Goal’, ARBAZ returns with yet another upbeat summer-ready song titled ‘Love’. With a self-explanatory title, ‘Love’ is ARBAZ’s very own romantic story, unlike the tragic endings of Romeo & Juliet or Laila & Majnu, this love he sings about lives on.

Bringing the essence of romance to the production, the beat which is produced by Myze is inspired by the Bollywood pop sound, which resonates with ARBAZ’s signature fusion sound. ‘Love’ is a feel-good, relatable track, with a catchy hook, chorus, and memorable lyrics that embody the notion of true love and ever-lasting desire.

Speaking on the track ARBAZ states, In a world where long-lasting relationships are becoming a rarity ‘Love’ is my romantic tale, a story of never letting go of the person you love. Bollywood has always been a big inspiration to me, I grew up watching the films and listening to the music. The vibe and melody on ‘Love’ is inspired by Bollywood music, which to me will always be one of the world’s most romantic genres.”

Accompanied by a vibrant lyric video, ‘Love’ is the anthem for romance not just for this summer, but for life.

‘Love’ is out now on all digital platforms. Check it out right here.

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