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Aryan Khan’s Arrest, Media Frenzy, & The Indian Government – A Hot Mess Or A Real Crack Down?

Aryan Khan’s Arrest, Media Frenzy, & The Indian Government – A Hot Mess Or A Real Crack Down?

Aryan Khan’s Arrest, Media Frenzy, & The Indian Government - A Hot Mess Or A Real Crack Down?

It’s been 15 days that Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan has been in police custody after his arrest and today his bail plea got rejected again. He will remain in judicial custody, along with the seven other people apprehended for consuming drugs at the cruise rave party, till October 30th.

Perhaps a political plot some say, targeting anyone who speaks up against the Hindu extremists.  Rumors that the Indian government wants Khan Jr. to stay in jail so that SRK falls in line with the promotional activities of the government has been doing the rounds – effectively making a mockery of the country’s judicial system.

And why not? The frenzy with which the media has been covering the case has been beyond comprehension. There were torrential rainfall and floods in parts of Kerala and Uttarakhand in India. From Pakistan to Bangladesh, Hindus were being targeted, in Jammu and Kashmir, ‘xenophobic strikes’ claimed 11 lives and the Indian Army launched ‘Mission All Out’ in Poonch to eliminate terrorism. But Indians seem to be simply more concerned  if Aryan Khan will get to spend spend Diwali at home?

Having been able to arrest a high profile personality, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) wold obviously want to milk the moment for as long as they can. All media claim that Aryan Khan should have already been out on bail has dramatically turned the public opinion against the police. So much so that people have started attacking the lead officers investigating this case. (Not surprising, when murderers and rapists are set free without so much as a slap on their knuckles, and criminal politicians get away with literally anything they do.) Once again, pointing to something much deeper.

But no one can deny that this has been a golden opportunity for the police to get a hold of the underbelly of the drugs monster in Mumbai. Based on the interrogations after the arrest, several more people have been apprehended – but apparently the “big fishes” of the industry still remain elusive.

Earlier today another Bollywood starkid, Ananya Panday was summoned by the NCB for questioning in the case, after the discovery of WhatsApp chats involving her in Aryan Khan’s phone.

Apparently Aryan Khan’s WhatsApp chats are playing a crucial role in the case as this is the evidence that the NCB is citing in front of the court.

Without a doubt, Khan Jr. has become the poster boy for drug abuse in India. Whether his continued judicial custody, will infact, be fruitful enough to improve the narcotics situation in the country remains to be seen. But if it doesn’t, well, the entire police and judicial system of India would have made a mockery of itself.

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