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Surina & Mel Are All Set To Give You A “Hot Mess Holiday”

Surina & Mel Are All Set To Give You A “Hot Mess Holiday”

Surina & Mel Are All Set To Give You A "Hot Mess Holiday"

With the holiday season already creeping upon us, we are all just so ready to dunk into the festive spirit and enjoy a few days of oblivion. And it obviously would be incomplete without a holiday movie that we can obsess about. Starring the famous duo Surina Jindal and Melanie Chandra, “Hot Mess Holiday” is exactly what we are talking about.

On December 11th, “Hot Mess Holiday,” an irresistibly fresh Diwali-themed feature film starring and executive produced by Indian American comedy legend Kal Penn, will make its debut on Comedy Central.

Written and executive produced by award-winning comedy writer Sameer Gardezi (“Modern Family”), the movie is inspired by the real-life friendship of Indian American co-stars Surina Jindal (“Outsourced”) and Melanie Chandra (“Code Black”). The comedic duo co-star in the film and also executive produce alongside Penn, Gardezi, and Gunpowder & Sky.

Talking to India West Kal Penn said, “I stalkingly tracked down Surina and Melanie after a friend showed me their short film – I couldn’t believe it hadn’t already been turned into a feature or television show and I needed to know why! The two of them are so hilarious in real-life, and our sherpa-scribe Sameer Gardezi heightens their personalities in incredible ways. Surina and Melanie’s relationship reminds me of great duos with tremendous chemistry… Add to that a festive Diwali holiday backdrop and you have something special.”

“Hot Mess Holiday,” explained Penn, feels like “‘Bridesmaids’ meets ‘Broad City’ except their go-to hangout is a chai shop, the wedding dress is at the beginning, and there’s no diarrhea…or is there?”

“Hot Mess Holiday” is “our ode” to a whole generation of South Asian Americans who never saw themselves on the screen, with a holiday twist, noted Gardezi.

“Surina and I are so proud of this movie. Despite seven years of knocking on doors, countless rejections, false starts, a global pandemic to boot, we never stopped believing that a project like this needed to exist in the world,” said Chandra. “We’ve created something so specific, zany yet so relatable, and most importantly, it’s really meaningful. This is a big moment for the South Asian community — it’s the first buddy comedy starring and executive produced by two South Asian women to hit mainstream TV. It’s the type of representation on and off-screen I wish I had growing up!”

Make sure you have your popcorn ready!

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