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Gunshots For Karan Aujla Ring Loud On Tik Tok

Gunshots For Karan Aujla Ring Loud On Tik Tok

Tik Tok just became the latest bearer of death threats and the in the center of it all is Indo Canadian singer, lyricist, and rapper Karan Aujla.

The Surrey RCMP reported that a series of gunshots were fired on February 1st at 2:47 am on a residence in British Columbia where they found the house and parked vehicles damaged in the shooting. Investigations show that the residents were not the target. If anything, a Tik Tok video making rounds may just be the evidence of the entire episode and it goes on to threaten Karan Aujla. The RCMP is in discussions with Tik Tok to determine what kind of information they can glean from the post or account that created the post.

Gunshots For Karan Aujla Ring Loud On Tik Tok
Image Source: Screengrab from video

CTV News shared the video of the social media post, which shows a person firing at the house. Along with the video, a note alleges the incident is connected with an ongoing feud between two Punjabi singers. According to CTV, the text on the TikTok video also threatens singer Karan Aujla, claiming in Punjabi writing that he is involved in the feud.

This is not the first time the ‘YKWIM’ singer has been attacked either.


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In 2019, he was attacked in Surrey while accompanied by Rehan Records owner Sandeep Rehan and singer Deep Jandu. The case involved the whole drama of a visit to Punjab, a ransom call, and a threat to get to them in Canada if not possible in India.

Gunshots For Karan Aujla Ring Loud On Tik Tok
Image Source: Facebook via @KaranAujla

The saga seems to have continued and brewed over in 2022! Fortunately, no one currently living in the house nor Karan Aujla was injured in any way. He has been warned by the police to be on alert and increase his personal security.

The Punjabi music industry is known for such incidents. From Daler Mehendi to Gippy Grewal, all have been targeted by the mob for extortion or more.

It remains to be seen if the actual culprit will be arrested. Hopefully, their stint on social media will do some good.

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