Spotlight On Dr. Rhea Mehta, PhD | Science & Soul + Modern Mantra Music + Decolonizing Wellness

Spotlight On Dr. Rhea Mehta, PhD | Science & Soul + Modern Mantra Music + Decolonizing Wellness

Rhea Mehta, Ph.D. is a health and wellness advocate, yogi, and singer-chantress who is on a journey to share mantra magic from her South Asian lineage with the world.

She sat down with our host Monty Kataria to talk about her journey into music and how it impacts the universe.

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Mantras have always been central to Dr. Mehta’s journey, from helping her fall asleep as a child to calming her adult mind. It is now her mission to bring these ancient tools to the modern world as we go through a collective time of healing. Mantras are melodic words, phrases, or sounds that originate in one of the oldest spiritual bodies of wisdom, known as the Vedas. In South Asia and across the world, they are uttered and revered as magic spells with spiritual significance.

Dr. Mehta’s first single features the Gayatri Mantra, which is considered one of the most important and powerful Vedic mantras. Historically it has been recited by everyday people of India in their homes, as the sun rises or sets, for purposes of purification and divine guidance. “I have a deep connection to this mantra, as it is one I recited before bed with my parents every single night until I left for University at the age of 17. Since then, I have been using it sporadically to heal my ruminating mind, and as part of my meditation practice,” Dr. Mehta elaborates. “I consciously reconnected with the mantra at a yoga sound ceremony training in Guatemala in early 2019. There it was melodically shared with us, but through a western lens with poor pronunciation, which I did not resonate with. I felt it lost connection to the essence of the mantra.”

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