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Dr. Rhea Mehta’s Debut EP ‘Soul Ceremony’ Blends Mantras & Music

Dr. Rhea Mehta’s Debut EP ‘Soul Ceremony’ Blends Mantras & Music

Rhea Mehta's Debut EP ‘Soul Ceremony’ Blends Mantras & Music

Scientist and wellness leader, Dr. Rhea Mehta, released her debut EP, ‘Soul Ceremony’ on January 21st, 2022. The EP was produced and composed by award-winning John Capek of Nashville, TN, and blends her ancestral Indian spiritual mantra tradition with western contemporary rhythm to bring forth an accessible east meets west dynamic.

“One of the most transformative aspects of yoga is missing in the West, and that is the ancient practice of rhythmically and repetitively chanting mantras, which helps us let go of our stressors and feel love in our hearts with relative ease,” Dr. Mehta explains. “At this time of collective stress and struggle, we need practices that can help us drop in more easily and wash our worries away. My music is designed to do this.”

Mantras are Sanskrit words, phrases, or sounds that originate in one of the oldest spiritual bodies of wisdom, known as the Vedas, which are at least 4000 years old. The word mantra means “to free from the mind.” Beyond the spiritual significance of each mantra lies the vibrational and resonant quality, which is ultimately responsible for evoking harmony within us. The outcome is a deep feeling of wholeness and oneness, of expansion and liberation, and of peace and unity. This inner discovery is the foundation of ‘Soul Ceremony.’

“The five mantras in my debut EP were very carefully selected, based on their impact on my own spiritual practice and journey, and on their potency and meaning as described in the Vedas,” Dr. Mehta elaborates. “I spent significant time meditating with each one, and believe that these reworkings that I’ve birthed into existence carry the magic of the versions that were originally downloaded by the sages of my ancestral lineage.”

Rhea Mehta, Ph.D. is a scientist, health innovator, yogi, and classically-trained singer on a mission to share the gifts of ancient Indian spirituality with the west. Mantras have always been central to Dr. Mehta’s life, as part of her family’s healing rituals, and as part of her own meditation practice. It is now her intent to carefully bring these ancient healing tools to the modern world as we go through a time of collective pain and struggle. Through Rhea’s contemporary take on mantra music, she hopes more people can access and benefit from these sacred sounds.

‘Soul Ceremony’ is now available on all streaming platforms. Check out her debut music video, Bright Light (Gayatri Mantra mix), and follow Dr. Rhea Mehta for more updates on future releases.

Check out her interview for more:

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