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#TexasShooting – Does America Prefer Guns Over Lives Of Its Children?

#TexasShooting – Does America Prefer Guns Over Lives Of Its Children?

Does America Prefer Guns Over Lives Of Its Children?

As shockwaves of the loss of 19 children at the hands of another reckless gun violence tides over the country, we are forced to wonder – does America prefer guns over the lives of its children?

It certainly seems so.

This is a deeply shocking tragedy, yet in America, it is depressingly familiar. The grief and sympathy that is being expressed around the country and the world is natural. But no one is really surprised that this could happen.

There have already been 27 school shootings in this year alone. Young school children routinely have drills about what to do if a gunman enters their classroom.

It has only been 10 days since 10 people were killed in a mass shooting in New York. Yet, here we are again, having failed to protect those who we promise to keep safe every day.

Today, guns have overtaken car crashes as the leading cause of death for children and teenagers in America.

Does America Prefer Guns Over Lives Of Its Children?
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The lament of politicians recognizing this as a problem is at this point, meaningless as there seems to be no solution to it. No matter how many such tragedies take place, gun control laws and the lobby for them seem unfettered.

“Why do we keep letting this happen?” asked President Biden. “Why are we willing to live with this carnage?”

However, there is no sign that Democrats will get any closer to passing any laws that will tighten gun control. Republicans are going as far as accusing the opposition of using the latest school shooting to further their own political objectives.

Robb Elementary School in Texas may very well join the list of school shootings along with Sandy Hook and the Parkland shooting.

The gun lobby, arms companies, and political obligations for funds are all too deeply entwined. The killing of innocent school children may have reignited the debate over guns in America but there does not seem to be any intention of finding a solution.

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