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DissDash Presents Tune-in-Tuesdays with @MontyIsLive | Episode 55

DissDash Presents Tune-in-Tuesdays with @MontyIsLive | Episode 55

DissDash Presents Tune-in-Tuesdays with @MontyIsLive | Episode 55

DissDash Presents Tune-in-Tuesdays with @MontyIsLive | Episode 55

We have 5 latest music videos from the world of Bollywood, Urban Desi, Punjabi, and the overall global South Asian independent scene all creatively curated just for you!

1) ‘Dil Todiye’ – Ankit Tiwari | Asim Riaz | Amit Majithia

It’s been a long time since we have heard a song from Ankit Tiwari that has not featured in Bollywood. This song features the model, rapper and roadie Asim Riaz. This song is honestly just a general Bollywood song and the music video has a Bollywood style twist in the end. We won’t give it away, so make sure you watch the entire video till the end. And if you want to enjoy the song, then turn off the video and actually listen to the song. Lyrics are not that great but Ankit Tiwari’s voice is phenomenal.

2) ‘Dirty Little Secret’ – Nora Fatehi x Zack Knight

Nora Fatehi is not just a dancer, choreographer or a belly dancer. She is an actress and also a singer. She is been featured with Zack Knight, the individual from Pakistan and the track is absolutely fire. The visuals of a golden snake going up her body is beautiful to watch. ‘Dirty Little Secrets’ is a beautiful tracks, look up the lyrics and you will actually enjoy it.

3) ‘Chamkegaa India’ – Alisha Chinai | Furkat Azamov

Alisha Chinoy released ‘Made in India’ back in 1995, almost three decades ago. And now in 2022, she has ‘Chamkega India’. We get that she is patriotic and has the nationalistic vibe without wearing the saffron colour. But this particular track after 30 years does not really resonate with us. The song is ok, the music is alright. The track is not even shot in India, so that particular thing just takes it away but Alisha Chinoy has done some incredible work but this song does not work for us. Big ups to Alisha and Zee Music to make this happen but overall it does not do that great.

4) ‘Khai’ – Agsy

We covered Agsy a few weeks ago, an incredible talented rapper. Hindi, Punjabi, English and we believe a few more languages as well she knows exactly what she is talking about. This one is an independent track and ‘Khai’ is not just an hip hop track. She is singing, vocalising and the production is absolutely amazing. Everyone should have a look at it. It is not just the visuals, the way she is performing that song putting you in that trance as a listener and audience.

5) ‘KR L$DA SIGN’ – Emiway Bantai

We don’t understand why Desi hip hop needs a disculture that is elongated so much. Disculture is part of hip hop but that’s not just it. Emiway Bantai has made an entire brand and industry beyond disculture and he is still doing that right now. Two days ago he released a track which is against KR$NA from Delhi and Emiway is from Bombay. But this thing needs to end now because it does not make sense and is same thing over and over again. I think they need to release their own independent tracks.

Check out the complete episode here: DissDash Presents Tune-in-Tuesdays with @MontyIsLive | Episode 55


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