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DissDash presents Tune-in-Tuesdays with @MontyIsLive | Episode 60

DissDash presents Tune-in-Tuesdays with @MontyIsLive | Episode 60

DissDash presents Tune-in-Tuesdays with @MontyIsLive | Episode 60

DissDash presents Tune-in-Tuesdays with @MontyIsLive | Episode 60

We have 5 latest music videos from the world of Bollywood, Urban Desi, Punjabi, and the overall global South Asian independent scene all creatively curated just for you! In this episode, we also have a special interview with JAM & Philly talking about their new song and more.

1. ‘We Know’ – JAM & Philly 

The boys from Outer Voice records are back and they are not just here to showcase their musical and vocal skills, but also their ability to act in front of the camera. See, when there is a story at the beginning of a music video, it reels you in and sets the tone and experience for the next few minutes. Both Mr Mathews, Jam and Philly are impeccably talented and they complement each other and the entire project. Representation matters so much and we see three gentlemen here and we want you to see the video to know each of them does. Jam and Philly do everything so effortlessly, you can tell how much they love to showcase their craft.

2. ‘Peaches’ – Diljit Dosanjh, Intense, Raj Ranjodh, Drive Thru 

This artist changed one letter in his name at the beginning of his career and has been winning hearts selling tickets, creating legacies and making history in the Punjabi, Indie and overall global music scene. From performing kirtan in local gurudwaras to releasing 13 full-length studio albums, selling out stadiums and winning accolades, Diljit Dosanjh is without a doubt, the biggest name in the scene right now. ‘Peaches’ his latest music video, a promotional extended play, released with previous repeat offenders in the most righteous way possible – Intense Raj Ranjodh and Cali Quest. The five track ‘Drive Through’ with pretty appetizing track list Peaches, Vanilla, Red Hot Chilli, Lemonade, Caviar.

3. ‘Trap Munde’ – IKKA, Badshah 

After collaborations as such in the Desi Hip Hop scene it feels like there is hope for the OG mafia Mundeer to make a full-fledged comeback by the end of 2022. For those unaware, the original Mafia Mundeer comprised of Indian hip hop acts like Yo Yo Honey Singh, Raftaar, Badshah, Ikka and sometimes Manu Aujla. Due to reasons they only know, a lot of riff raffs have happened among these artists. ‘Trap Munde’ sees two of them coming back together Ikka and Badshah. As much as its cool to see them together, the track and the video is not much above average. Ikka singing in Punjabi it definitely feels a lot more could’ve been achieved. Badshah’s overall verse is not like him either. We expected more from these two talented artists coming together.

4. ‘Kurti’ – Noveen Morris, BOHEMIA, Josan Bros 

This is another trip down the memory lane for the Desi Hip Hop scene. This scene was introduced to the global masses by Mr Roger David aka Bohemia, a Pakistani Californian poet, rapper and songwriter way back in 2002. ‘Kurti’ a rendition in 2022 by Noveen Morris of 2006 track and we are glad this version does not take away a lot from the original. It keeps the OG essence and both Noveen and Raja add the 2022 flavour to it.

Watch the complete episode here: DissDash presents Tune-in-Tuesdays with @MontyIsLive | Episode 60

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