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#JusticeForMandeep – Consequences Of Our Patriarchal Mindset – Domestic Violence, Abuse, Suicide

#JusticeForMandeep – Consequences Of Our Patriarchal Mindset – Domestic Violence, Abuse, Suicide

#JusticeForMandeep - Domestic Violence Hits South Asian Community Again

While Richmond, New York has been our home for years and we assume that we know everything around us, we still missed the chance to protect Mandeep Kaur, as she lost her lone battle with domestic violence. Join #JusticeForMandeep to make a difference at least now.

Mandeep Kaur was a victim of domestic violence who allegedly committed suicide. As per reports, she was married to Ranjodhbeer Singh for the past 8 years, and since then she has been dealing with domestic violence.

Her parents, who live in Ludhiana, Punjab are requesting her body be sent back to India, while her husband prepares for the funeral. The South Asian community is clamoring for justice, but little seems to have been done by the police till now.

Punjabi actress Neeru Bajwa took to her social media and wrote, “I dont have the heart to listen to this… but those two children need to be out of this man’s custody… they need help. What is being done @nypd ??? Thank you for tagging me. Let’s all spread awareness. Get out before its too late there are resources out there🙏🏼🙏🏼 💔 #mandeepkaur 🙏🏼

Watching the heartbreaking videos and pictures now being circulated, more and more people are raising their voices for #JusticeForMandeep.


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Bollywood actress Sargun Mehta wrote, “WALK OUT on the first signs of violence .. you dont need to take this. Even if your family doesn’t support your decision of walking out call facilities around you or speak up on social media or to anyone who you feel can help. NO ONE DESERVES THIS. 🤬🤬 THE MAN HIT HER EVERY DAY BECAUSE SHE GAVE HIM 2 DAUGHTERS AND NO SON..

Recently, the violent murder of Pakistani-American photographer Sania Khan by her ex-husband has once again forced us to look at the toxicity of relationships in our community.

Our community needs to do better, we need to empower and encourage our women to walk away from situations like this. Men and women need to be educated and called out on their behaviors, domestic abuse in any form shouldn’t be a taboo subject any longer. #JusticeForMandeep should not remain another hashtag. It is time it becomes a cry to help all those who need our help.

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