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DissDash presents Tune-in-Tuesdays with @MontyIsLive | Episode 69

DissDash presents Tune-in-Tuesdays with @MontyIsLive | Episode 69

DissDash presents Tune-in-Tuesdays with @MontyIsLive | Episode 69

DissDash presents Tune-in-Tuesdays with @MontyIsLive | Episode 69

We have 5 latest music videos from the world of Bollywood, Urban Desi, Punjabi, and the overall global South Asian independent scene all creatively curated just for you!

1. ‘Koka’ – Diljit Dosanjh from “Babe Bhangra Paunde Ne”

If you have a Diljit film, then you ought to have a Diljit-style promo track for it. ‘Koka’ is nothing out of the ordinary and provides you with Diljit being Diljit. Nothing more, nothing less. Sargun Mehta looks amazing, fresh from doing Katputli with Akshay Kumar. We know she can act and dance, but can she hold down the fort like Diljit is doing currently that we will have to watch the movie for.

2. ‘Pablo’ – King from ‘Champagne Talk’ 

Trending on number 10 of YouTube India, this King track is making noise. 24-year Arpan Kumar AKA King is now the judge of same show MTV hustle where he came from. It is one of the biggest acts in India right about now. ‘Champagne Talk’ is his latest studio album and things have gotten bigger. Budgets, locations, presentation and overall music as well. King reminds us of the old school Honey Singh in his prime. We hope the hype lasts.

3. ‘Samjhe Na’ – MC Altaf x Shah Rule x Zaeden with Stunnah Beatz 

As mentioned in the description, we have three different artists from three different music scenes and ‘Samjhe Na’ is that beauty of music. The Gully Gang is not just about hardcore hip hop. The last few releases including ‘Bliss’ with MC Altaf which we covered a few weeks ago, this is exactly that. It’s soothing, enticing, even addicting. MC Altaf with the signature bar, Zaeden has that Indie pop flow and Shah Rule is persistent with what he does. This track is a winner.

4. ‘Pind da Riwaaz’ – Wazir Patar feat. Azaad, ‘Keep it Gangsta’ EP 

We started with RIP Sidhu Moosewala. His music and energy is still alive on earth right about now. Besides streams, views, accolades, it is so much more than that. Wazir is keeping you alive without even mentioning your name or making remixes and without any clickbait. This 26-year old songwriter, singer and producer from Amritsar just released his brand new EP ‘Keep it Gangsta’ and is proving you don’t need to be living out in the West to make the type of music that he is making.

5. ‘Legends Die 2 Young’ – Pashwa 

We were a bit of hesitant with this type of music but it is surprising in a very positive manner. There is talent and then there is will and power to showcase that and share it with the world. Pashwa and his peeps have just done that and they’re not afraid to show it. He has not just performed this track, he has written and composed it as well. We vibe with it for real, so spread the word and share it with your peeps.

Check out the entire episode here: DissDash presents Tune-in-Tuesdays with @MontyIsLive | Episode 69

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