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In Conversation with Waqqas | Singer, Musician | New Song | Independent | with @MontyisLive ​

In Conversation with Waqqas | Singer, Musician | New Song | Independent | with @MontyisLive ​

Waqqas is a Pakistani recording artist/songwriter born and raised in LA/IE California that delivers a unique West Coast sound fused with flavor from his South Asian roots.

He found a love for the culture at a young age, but Waqqas was only able to start pursuing his passion after graduating high school and getting his first job in 2013.

As his dreams were a taboo for his immigrant parents, he used his own money to buy his first home studio equipment and grew from there.

After teaching himself through countless YouTube videos, and receiving positive feedback towards his SoundCloud tracks, Waqqas started independently distributing worldwide in 2018 with his hit single, Nixon, which has garnered more than 270k worldwide plays across multiple platforms.

Waqqas dropped a few singles to follow Nixon before releasing his debut album, The Calm, in June of 2019, with features from MBNel, WAV3POP, Cee Nario, and Rudebwoy Fresh. Pushed as an independent album, The Calm has amassed over 30k plays and counting.

His hit single, TYR: Treat You Right, showcases Waqqas’ versatility with a Pop/Dancehall feel, and found success with the #TYRChallenge on TikTok. After being co-signed and added to mixtapes hosted by The Game and Bow Wow, Waqqas continues to welcome an increase of supporters worldwide.

His latest song ‘Independent’ was released in August this year. Check out his conversation with  @MontyisLive  about all this and more.

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