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In Conversation With Anusha Savi | Musician | New EP ‘Marigold’ | with @MontyisLive ​

In Conversation With Anusha Savi | Musician | New EP ‘Marigold’ | with @MontyisLive ​

Bay Area-raised and Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Anusha Savi is releasing her debut EP “Marigold” after a whirlwind year of creative incubation under the mentorship of iconic production duo Stargate. With an unmatched work ethic and a catalog of dozens of carefully crafted pop soul-stirrers, new fans are in for a transcendent experience.

Artistically, Savi blends her Carnatic training in South Asian classical music with her love of soul & pop to create a uniquely global alternative-pop sound. She bridges the gap between her Indian heritage and the mainstream effortlessly on record and on stage as she wowed audiences at legendary Los Angeles venues like the Peppermint Club, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and Adults Only in 2022 alone.

As a Tamil American woman, Savi’s goal in music is to empower young women like herself through healing music that is honest, uplifting, and timeless. As Indian and South Asian representation in mainstream pop and r&b music is steadily growing, Anusha Savi is a part of the renaissance. Her mission is to make sure the next generation of Indian American girls don’t grow up without hearing or seeing their voices and experiences in popular media.

And what’s better than feeling seen while listening to music that makes you dance like no one’s watching? Savi just released the title track off her debut EP “Marigold”. This marks the start of a new season – and it’s one you don’t want to miss.

Check out the full interview with our host  @MontyisLive 

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