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In Conversation with AJ Wavy | Artist | Desi Bop with @MontyisLive ​

In Conversation with AJ Wavy | Artist | Desi Bop with @MontyisLive ​

Social Media Mash-Up star AJWavy ( | spoke about his upcoming explosive track with Sony Music India, which will mark AJ’s first full-fledged worldwide audio/video release by a music label.

He’s growing exponentially on social media, with an incredible online audience of over 250K followers on Instagram and over 650K on TikTok in just a year. You may likely have come across his content on social media.

His recent Hotline Bling Remix went viral across the globe, being featured amongst celebrities like Nicole Scherzinger, Priyanka Chopra, Shahid Kapoor, and many more. It was also used by some of the biggest sports pages on Instagram (Champions League, Manchester United, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, etc).

Check out his exclusive interview with  @MontyisLive 

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