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In Conversation with Kiran & Nivi | Artists & TikTok Stars

In Conversation with Kiran & Nivi | Artists & TikTok Stars

If you haven’t heard of Kiran + Nivi, well, you’re sure to be missing out! Twin-pop-duo phenomenon Kiran + Nivi have increased their fan base in no time since their emergence on TikTok.

When Kiran + Nivi were born, everything seemed normal but they weren’t normal. By the age of 2, normal babies would start speaking and saying sounds but they didn’t SPEAK A WORD. Their parents decided to take them to a speech therapist but nothing worked. Their parents found an Indian church and decided to go there every Sunday morning. One Sunday, the host of the center asked their mother, “Why can’t you make your kids sing?” Their mother didn’t know what to answer, because of their plight at that time, but just figured to give it a try, and taught them a short Indian devotional hymn. The next week, they both sang in perfect pitch and rhythm. Shocking their parents, K+N’s first sound ever was through singing. They started speaking fluently just months after this incident.

With 2.3M+ followers on TikTok, they have attracted a WIDE RANGE of audiences using their Indian cultural sound which has made them collaborate with JASON DERULO. A number of celebrities are following and have shared them on social media like Sia, Shawn Mendes, Meghan Trainor, Ashnikko, James Arthur, etc.

Their swaram remix covers have garnered attention from international celebrities and many reputed news channels. Their sound is really unique and has never been done before!

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