About Us

DISSDASH offers cutting edge editorial content that gives a voice to South Asians across the globe. It incorporates topics that make you think, along with those that inspire. Our team gives rise to noteworthy subjects with a modern and outspoken viewpoint. A content powerhouse, we tell it like it is.

Edgy, fresh and always connecting you culturally to South Asian roots.

Sonia Nagpal
Sonia Nagpal (CEO/Co-Founder)

With an extensive background in leading the South Asian American movement dating back to the '90s when South Asian connections were far and in between, Sonia has been at the forefront of bringing the market together around common interests. Having spent 7 + years as a free lance reporter for mainstream television show AVSTV, Sonia created DissDash. Being the CEO of this powerful media company, Sonia has had the opportunity to showcase both human and entertainment stories to a global audience. As we trend forward with Sonia at the helm, our community is informed and always connected.

Maliha J Khan
Maliha J Khan (COO)

Maliha has been in the forefront as a celebrity makeup artist. With 10 plus years of experience her evolvement to celebrity manager was a natural progression.

Nila Choudhury
Nila Choudhury (Content Producer)

Nila is a freelance journalist and Clinical Psychology Doctoral student who was born and raised in New York City. There is very little she loves more than Harry Potter marathons, pizza, 90s Bollywood, bagels, falooda, and her family. She hopes to use her powers for good by spreading mental health awareness and positivity in the South Asian community through her love of writing.