Ansa Waseem

Ansa Waseem is a freelance writer who offers professional writing services.

Cate Emmah

Cate Emmah is a Freelance writer who showcases her amazing skills and hard-earned experience in blogging, copywriting, news article writing, and web-content writing. She began writing back at high school where she took part in writing multiple articles in the local magazine as well as school magazine. Cate lives in Montreal, Canada and she likes to swim and hang out with her dog. She owns a cabin in the woods and that’s where she does most of her writing. It’s a serene environment and it helps her to think and be more creative. When she’s not writing, she is probably riding, swimming or shopping.

Ahmad Mukhtar

Our go-to guy for everything tech, Ahmad Mukhtar is the wiz who makes the team stay efficient and functional. Always on top of things, he creates all the magic at the core of our website.

Haseeb Fazli

Haseeb is a freelance writer who uses his expert knowledge, skills, and personal experience to craft content that makes people take action. He has contributed to IAPWE, Elephant Journal, BuzzFeed, and more. His specialty is health and wellness with interests in travel writing and copywriting. When he isn't writing, you can find him weightlifting or watching football.

Hiba Qazi Shamshad

Hiba Qazi Shamshad is a New York-based proud Pakistani. She is a Bollywood loving lawyer who is obsessed with weddings. You can always count on her for giving good advice, laughing at the wrong moment, and spouting random trivia.

Hira Zubair

Hira Zubair is a Pakistani born New Yorker living in Brooklyn. She dances her way through life, dreaming of a world without borders. Wanderlust, dancing, soul connections and gastronomy form the epitome of her human existence. 

Karen Rutherford

Karen Rutherford is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief at Cakedecorist. You will often find her in the kitchen creating edible works of art or trying out some new recipes. As a pâtissière and baking enthusiast, Karen has decided to share her abundant knowledge with the internet audience and provide only the best tips and recipes for baking and decorating your favorite sweets.

Maryam Tariq

From brainstorming marketing strategies to curating bewitching blogs to beautifying faces as a professional makeup artist, Maryam has proven that sky is the limit when exploring one's capabilities.

Mehreen Khuram

Mehreen Khuram is a Tech Savvy entertainment blogger and a Content Manager, living in Canada. Her passion is to make her writing interesting and memorable for the readers, and that's what makes her unique!


Fount of wisdom, insufferable know it all, make it go away are just some of the phrases used to define Melwyn. When he is not at his Consulting job, he spends his time reading about technology and current affairs.

Neha Kher

Consultant by day and professional dancer on weekends, Neha loves going to the movies and has a not-so-secret crush on Hrithik Roshan!

Neha Kirpal

Neha Kirpal is a freelance writer who lives to read, write, and travel. Her other loves include listening to music and watching movies.

Neha Mathrani

Neha is a writer, editor and cultural manager based in New Delhi. She has worked extensively as an editor, most notably, during a long association with Writer’s Side, one of India’s leading literary agencies. She has extensive experience as a writer and ghostwriter.

Nila Choudhury

Nila is a freelance journalist and Clinical Psychology Doctoral student who was born and raised in New York City. There is very little she loves more than Harry Potter marathons, pizza, 90s Bollywood, bagels, falooda, and her family. She hopes to use her powers for good by spreading mental health awareness and positivity in the South Asian community through her love of writing.

Pallavi Kanmadikar

Not competent enough to sit idle and stare as the world goes by, Pallavi is optimistic to a fault and believes in building her world on her own rather than depending on others to make things right.

Puneet Ruparel

Puneet is a business strategist focussing on the global media landscape. Puneet is passionate about applying real-world business know-how to help studios & content increase their MAU and grow their revenue. Having consulted for MGM, Comcast, The Young Turks, NBCU, etc. he is ready to take on the next professional challenge in his life.


Rahmina is a freelance journalist who loves reading, writing, and traveling, but believes that her most coveted role to date is that of being a mommy to the most amazing, beautiful and extraordinary tiny human being.

Sangeetha Kowsik

Born and raised in California, Sangeetha is a graduate of Parsons School of Design, NYC based fashion/graphic/museum designer, interfaith chaplain, and an established gallery artist. She is the only person in the world doing this: A Hindu, Indian American woman who is an Islamic/Arabic Calligrapher! She hopes to bring her message of peace and education through art and design to a wider audience and demographic and to build a more understanding, just, compassionate world, and global change in thinking.

Sarika Patel Ringer

Sarika Patel Ringer is a certified personal trainer and has been leading fitness classes for the last 5 years. She combines her love for dance with foundation exercises to create an energetic, total-body workout that leaves you feeling motivated to take on the day. Sarika also currently teaches Zumba, Bollywood Fitness, and HIIT around NYC, and has transitioned her original class, Rhythm&Tone, into online sessions for her clients. High amounts of energy are what make her stand out. She's got plenty to spare, so join her on the journey through dance movement and fitness!


Shweta is an IT consultant and engineer by day. A cooking enthusiast, she loves experimenting with food. Usually found hooked to Netflix or crafting knick-knacks for home decor, over weekends.


A lover of bright lights, travel, and inspiring reads, Sneha is fascinated by the flurry of life and indulges in writing about the world's quirks!

Snigdha Pandey

Snigdha is a 'closet' writer with unapologetic opinions on life and people around her. She supports the cause of protecting endangered civil rights like free speech, equity, equality, and most importantly common sense.

Sonia Nagpal

With an extensive background in leading the South Asian American movement dating back to the '90s, Sonia Nagpal has been at the forefront of bringing the market together around common interests. Having spent 7+ years as a reporter for a mainstream tv show AVS, Sonia created DissDash. Being the CEO of this powerful media company, Sonia has had the opportunity to showcase both human and entertainment stories to a global audience.