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Top 7 Famous Cancer Personalities

Top 7 Famous Cancer Personalities

People born between the June 22nd and July 23rd are Cancer by their zodiac. Cancer belongs to the water element just like Pisces and Scorpio and people born under this sun-sign are guided by their heart and emotions. Highly imaginative, sympathetic and deeply intuitive by nature, these people can be insecure, moody, pessimistic and manipulative. They are pretty close to their mothers as well.

So let’s check out our top 7 Cancer celebs:

1. Mindy Kaling – June 24th

Mindy Kaling

Actress, writer, producer, comedian, Mindy has aced it all and is best known for The Office, Wreck-it Ralph, and The Mindy Project. True to her zodiac, she is very close to her mother and doesn’t shy away from expressing herself. She knows how to have her way with the words. Like most Cancer personalities, she is very emotional, intuitive, and imaginative.

2. Karisma Kapoor – June 25th 

Karisma Kapoor

Karisma Kapoor is a mix and match of strong-willed, determined and a reticent and submissive girl. She is moody and surely just like a crab, tough from the outside and soft on the inside.

3. Arjun Kapoor – June 26th 

Arjun Kapoor

We all know how he battled with obesity and became the dream man of millions of girls after his sensational and power packed performances in Ishaqzaade and Gunday. Since Cancerians have a strong bond with their mothers, we know how attached he was to his mom – Mona. Being emotional by nature, he stood by his family’s side when Sridevi passed away. A true gentleman we must say.

4. Ranveer Singh – July 6th 

Ranveer Singh

This guy surely never shies away from exhibiting his Cancerian traits. He is witty, emotional, smart and surely in high spirits always. His highly imaginative and out-of-the-box traits has us all in awe.

5. Mahendra Singh Dhoni – July 7th 


Former Captain of the Indian Cricket Team, MS has emotional and caring traits. Due to his intuition and ability to see through situations, he has not only managed to lead the cricket team but also to bring accolades to the country.

6. Katrina Kaif – July 16th 

Katrina Kaif

Cancerians are highly emotional, sensitive, friendly and caring people who have a very rosy perception of the world making them highly imaginative as well. They are homely individuals and for them, their family and friends top their priority list and this is how we have seen Katrina all the time. Apart from filming, she is hanging out with her family.

7. Priyanka Chopra – July 18th 

Priyanka Chopra

Our Desi girl, surely doesn’t like revealing anything about her personal life, (if you know what we mean) and is mysterious and very hard to read. We wait with bated breath for her next move!

So are you a Cancer too? Let us know in comments, which of these traits you have in you?!!

Jasleen Kaur


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