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Dependent Visa For Foreign Spouses Gets Easier In India

Dependent Visa For Foreign Spouses Gets Easier In India

Positive news for those foreign nationals married to Indian citizens that they no longer have to face difficulty in getting dependent visas. Recently the Indian government planned to amend the existing rules and ease the procedure of converting tourist visa to dependent visa.

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The Home Minister of India, Rajnath Singh recently directed the Ministry of Home Affairs to change the visa process and make it more efficient for the people seeking for the conversion of tourists visas to X2, i.e., dependent visas, even if the marriage takes place on foreign soil.

According to news reports, an official gave a statement saying that they are doing away with the particular rule and making things straightforward so that regardless of the place of the wedding, the foreign spouse can convert their tourist visa to dependent visa.

Even the Home Minister tweeted about it, as the move came to light after a Philipino woman, spouse of an Indian national had complications during the conversion of her tourist visa to X2 visa, due to the existing visa rules which don’t comprise such authorities to do so.

According to the existing visa manual, a foreign national who gets married to an Indian citizen can currently get a dependent X2 visa only if the marriage takes place in India, and is registered while the tourist visa is still valid. Contrary to that if the foreigner spouse wants to convert to a dependent visa, he/she has to go back to his or her own country and then come back on an X2 visa.

This amendment in the rule will fast-track the conversion of tourist visa to X2 visa and will be allowed if the marriage takes place on foreign soil.

Although this particular facility will not be available for citizens of countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sudan, Iraq, citizens of Pakistani origin, and stateless persons.

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In the Parliamentary Consultative Committee, the Home Minister also addressed the issues to strengthen and smoothen the immigration and visa process. He said that the government would facilitate safe and secured entry inside the country to legitimate international travelers and provide all visa-related and consular services to foreigners staying in India in a faster and convenient mode.

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