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Tune In Tuesdays – ROYAL’s ‘Amaderi Same Pride’

Tune In Tuesdays – ROYAL’s ‘Amaderi Same Pride’


This Tuesday we bring you a versatile young doctor with a voice you’ll fall in love with! Meet (soon to be) Dr. Shaunak Roy, aka ROYAL, a Bengali-American artist on the rise. His latest original track, ‘Amaderi Same Pride’ is an anthem for all the Bengali kids growing up in the diaspora that never felt represented.

ROYAL’s ‘Amaderi Same Pride’ is a catchy, upbeat track with witty lyrics that hits home for Bengali kids at home eating “maach bhaat” (fish and rice). ROYAL not only laid the vocals for the song but he also wrote, produced, and composed it. His goal is to lift his community through his work in music as well as medicine.

True to the immigrant struggle, Bengali children also grapple with their dual identities. Although over the years there has been an increase in South Asian representation in the Western media, there is still a lack of influential Bengali’s. With the rise of urban Bangla music, thanks to artists like Master D, Nish, Mumzy Stranger, Sanjoy D, and Muza, we now have a platform for Bengali artists like ROYAL to shine and space for Bengali kids to feel represented. ROYAL even starts off his track stating that he never thought growing up that he’d hear a track with Bengali lyrics over a western beat like this.

Royal - Amaderi Same Pride
Image Source: Instagram via @royalshaunak

The young artist is an accomplished musician who has proved himself over the years. The soon to be a doctor has an aptitude for singing, rapping, writing, and composing. He is already an award-winning singer, a Capella arranger, and a fusion music producer. The multi-instrumentalist is trained in Western classical piano. He began his music career in high school and during college, he competed in over 21 national competitions with Dhamakapella and Case Kismat Fusion Dance Team.

It wasn’t long before ROYAL began working professionally in audio production. His first international venture was with Nepali rapper Huade on the track, ‘K Para Ho.’ ROYAL coined the term “Neo-Desi” to describe his fusion sound. He also gained the attention of urban desi artist Jaz Dhami with his acoustic remix of Dhami and Eren E’s ‘Bom Bae.’ ROYAL went on to work with artists like Fateh, Luv Singh, Vinayak, and music producer Naiem Reza.

Shaunak Roy - Royal
Image Source: Instagram via @royalshaunak

The music video for ‘Amaderi Same Pride’ showcases not only ROYAL’s talents but highlights some young Bengali influencers that are on the rise.

“As I have met and interacted with other Bengali creatives, the desire to make that kind of music has grown stronger” ROYAL writes on YouTube. “Through the lens of my own journey, ‘Amaderi Same Pride’ tells the story of how regardless of where we’re from, our love for Bangla unites us and enables us to rise above.

The video features talents like DJ and host Ash G, music producers Sanjoy D and Naeim Reza, Men’s fashion influencer Anthony Gomes, dance influencers Saffat Al-Mansoor, Meghna Chakraborty, Aaliya Islam, and Bushra Khan, artist Sanhita Jana and so many more. These young trendsetters and skilled professionals are making their mark within their respective industries.

Catch these phenomenal Bengali’s and more in ROYAL’s ‘Amaderi Same Pride!’

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