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Sanam Saeed’s Nuanced Performance Powers Up “Ab Buss” Based On Lahore Motorway Incident

Sanam Saeed’s Nuanced Performance Powers Up “Ab Buss” Based On Lahore Motorway Incident

Sanam Saeed in Ab Buss

Pakistani digital platform, See Prime recently released a short film “Ab Buss”, directed by Mohsin Talat starring Sanam Saeed in the lead. This short film is based on the horrible motorway gang rape case that took place this September in Lahore, Pakistan.

The story revolves around the character “Maya” (Sanam Saeed) who packs up her bags for an unexpected journey due to a random phone call.  She nonchalantly gets herself together for the trip, leaving the audience wondering till the very end of what the cause of her odd behavior might be.  

Ab Buss - Short Film
Image Source: Screengrab from “Ab Buss”

“Ab Buss” conveys a message that in this typical male-oriented society, a woman’s survival is no less than going to war and exposing herself each day to the exploitation and mistreatment of this so-called man’s world. The renowned Pakistani actress Sanam Saeed said that she read the script and thought it was a really smart and sensible way of getting the point across regarding women being harassed and raped and hardly any action being taken by the relevant authorities. Saeed who has been extremely vocal about the Lahore Motorway gang rape case has many a time questioned the authorities and demanded justice. She also said that the system has failed the women of Pakistan. The rapists can roam around freely and the women are asked not to leave their homes.

Saeed said that before the release of the film it was originally titled something else but then the producers sensed that it exposed the story too much. So now it’s called “Ab Buss,” and focuses more on a situation which crossed all the limits and is deteriorating even more every passing day. The actress also confessed that there is more room for expression and freedom to create different kinds of content. Digital platforms can offer almost unlimited opportunities, as there is a rise in the content being released digitally.

While not giving away too many details, it would suffice to say that “Ab Buss” has been very well-executed and has accomplished its aim of creating an impact on the public. The renowned actress, Sanam Saeed has managed to give a remarkable performance and has left no opportunity of impressing the audiences with her exceptional acting skills. The rest is for you to watch and decide. Check out the video below.

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