From “The White Tiger” To #FarmersProtest – Inkquisitive Is Roaring Ahead


Amandeep Singh aka Inkquisitive continues to impress us with his work and determination as he raises a voice against every injustice. His most recent project commissioned by Netflix UK for the promotion of Priyanka Chopra and Rajkummar Rao starrer “The White Tiger” speaks volumes with a stroke of a brush!


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Sharing the video on social media, Inkquisitive wrote, “Being Punjabi, and collaborating with giants @netflix is a huge deal not just for me but for so many other upcoming South Asians. 10 years ago, this was just a dream. It’s overwhelming.”

“Aravind Adiga’s book “The White Tiger” was one of New York Times bestsellers and took to the screens worldwide a few weeks ago. The film focuses heavily on the underdog. The rags to riches tale of a young man from the slums dreaming for a better future, not taking no for an answer till he ultimately gets to where he wants to be, and in the case of the film, whatever it takes.”

“I was commissioned by Netflix to create a “film theme” inspired artwork on the same Taxi from the film. I thought of the character’s rise and put his two lifestyles on either side of the Taxi and featuring the idea I had of a floral White Tiger constructed with the guidance of an amazing team.”

“With what’s been going on around the world, so many of us are seen as the underdog, and being able to share this is a reminder to never forget why we do what we do, never forget why we started and always know by making just enough noise, we can achieve what we want.”

From "The White Tiger" To #FarmersProtest - Inkquisitive Is Roaring Ahead
Image Source: Instagram via @inkquisitive

Stressing on this point, Singh has also been very vocal about the #FarmersProtest taking place in India and impacting the narrative through his art. While artists, journalists, and people who are raising voices against the Indian government and standing up for farmer’s rights are being arrested or threatened left-right-and-center, international artists like Inkquisitive are helping the cause by keeping the conversation alive through their art.

From "The White Tiger" To #FarmersProtest - Inkquisitive Is Roaring Ahead
Image Source: Instagram via @inkquisitive

Amandeep Singh’s art has always been on point when he is speaking against injustice of any kind. Be it the bullying of a Sikh boy in school, the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, the #BlackLivesMatter movement, or the terrorist attack in Afganistan – he has made sure that the power of the brush booms louder than any sword that may be drawn.

Having completed a decade in the industry in 2020, Inkquisitive is roaring just like “The White Tiger” he has so expertly depicted through his art.

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