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How Many Lives Will It Take To #StopAsianHate?

How Many Lives Will It Take To #StopAsianHate?

How Many Lives Will It Take To #StopAsianHate?

Time for a wake-up call! Exactly when Asian Americans were celebrating the nomination of Kamala Harris as Vice President and felt secure after a long time, the ugly reality struck hard. If the representation of Harris is not enough to make a change, then we don’t know what is. It’s time to #StopAsianHate.

Imagine you go to the spa to de-stress after a bad week, but it actually ends up becoming the worst nightmare of your life! Yes, that is exactly what happened in Atlanta. 8 Asians killed in the shooting at the Atlanta area massage parlor. Eyewitnesses say that the murderer said that he was there to kill Asian women. 

However, the real question is – how many lives will it take to make Asian lives matter? Every year, several Asians fall prey to hate crimes.

The trending #StopAsianHate has managed to spread the message across. People are voicing their struggles and how they have to go an extra mile to make themselves heard, while we are seeing white supremacists go an extra mile to hurt them. Why so much hate?


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Many white-Asian couples shared their never-ending struggles for acceptance and how white parents belittle their Asian partners. This hate has existed at every level for decades. It has poisoned minds and is undoubtedly more dangerous than the coronavirus. Even the virus itself isn’t as unfair as white supremacy. It attacks humans beyond race, ethnicity, and color but Asian hate targets only a minority that is struggling to make ends meet. Asian children grow up in a fearful environment and often question why they are looked upon as any less?

Trump sowed the seeds of black hatred as a part of his election campaign. He sowed seeds of Asian hate when he called COVID the Chinese virus and blamed Asians for it. His strategy had made him win the previous election as the majority of Americans still believe in white supremacy – a dominance of white over black that in reality burns in tan beds and showers in tan sprays to get that extra dose of melanin. How ironic! Why work so hard to look darker when in reality there is so much bias against dark skin?

Even after Trump left, his ideology is still on the rise in America. Will Kamala Harris be successful in mission anti-racism? All Asians are now looking up to her as their savior. Only time will tell. Till then, we just hope people wake and really #StopAsianHate.

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