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Got Vaccinated? Feeling Invincible? Don’t Be A COV-IDiot!

Got Vaccinated? Feeling Invincible? Don’t Be A COV-IDiot!

COVID Dos And Don’ts (Prevents You From Becoming A COV-IDiot)

You are vaccinated and feel invincible? Well, slow down just a bit… being vaccinated is definitely an advantage. That advantage is that you will have a lower chance of having severe symptoms that would prevent you from being hospitalized and prevent your death. That is great, especially for the older generations and those with comorbidities. Nevertheless, you still have to realize that you can still contract COVID-19 and be a carrier. Therefore, we all need to take precautions and prevent ourselves from becoming a COV-IDiot!

COVID Dos And Don’ts (Prevents You From Becoming A COV-IDiot)
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Although CDC has published new guidelines, we have to keep in mind that these are RECOMMENDATIONS. Unless everyone is vaccinated, we do not have herd immunity. Do you know why we do not have many cases of Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Varicella (chickenpox), Small Pox, Polio, and many other diseases? It is because the population is vaccinated… once we have the majority of the population vaccinated, we can lower the cases of diseases (which equals herd immunity). Until then, please do your due diligence and keep yourself and others around you safe. Here is a list of some Dos and Don’ts.

The Dos The Don’ts
Wear a mask outdoors regardless of those around have been vaccinated or not. It is better to wear masks with filters Be mask-less
Travel in public transportation and airplanes with a face shield and 2 masks Touch your face and eyes constantly
Physically distance yourself from others, at least by 6 feet (A.K.A. “Social Distance”) Stand next to others
Wash your hands every hour Shake hands, hug, and/or kiss others without being masked (if you can, completely avoid)
If you have COVID-19, quarantine for at least 10 days. If on the 10th day, you do not have a fever and feel better, then feel free to leave your house Party in large crowds
Try to stay indoors as much as possible (and if you have to leave practice safety by wearing masks) Feel alone… you are not alone. Stay social by contacting friends and family – speak to them on video chat. Seek mental health services online, if you need to speak to someone
If you are sick, wear a mask (wear 2 to be on the safe side) to prevent spreading the illness Not seek medical help… on day 7, go to the doctor, if you feel like you are not getting better
Wear your mask by covering your mouth AND nose Seeing friends and family without being fully vaccinated (2 doses + 2 weeks after the second dose)

As the new term: COV-IDiot (a word not created by me) is becoming popular, DO NOT BE ONE, please! I am here to educate and protect you. I beg that everyone is on the side of public health… #teamscience.

COVID Dos And Don’ts (Prevents You From Becoming A COV-IDiot)
Image Source: Envato Elements

Taking precautions is for the greater good. Understanding that this is a serious illness, taking the lives of many, it is important to take it seriously (and not just the flu) and reduce the spread. Work with me to prevent the spread and decreasing the incidence of this disease… stop adding to the statistics and do not become one! It is our social responsibility to be safe and keep others safe around us.

Also please don’t be a COV-IDiot and depend on home remedies only in case you are sick – that time is way past us.

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