“The Kite Runner” On Broadway – A Must Watch!

“The Kite Runner" On Broadway - A Must Watch!

Playwright Matthew Spangler’s adaptation of “The Kite Runner,” Khaled Hosseini’s bestselling 2005 novel about the friendship of two boys living parallel lives in Afghanistan, is a heartbreaker. It is, however, also uplifting enough to make it worth the pain.

The program note for the current Broadway production states that “this is a story about a father and son; two best friends; a husband and wife; immigration; the relative peace of 1970s Afghanistan; global politics; class and ethnicity; and much more.” It adds that, above all else, this epic-scaled drama is “a story of guilt and redemption.”

A heartbreakingly beautiful performance of “The Kite Runner” by the fantastic cast will leave you mesmerized. There’s laughter, there are tears. It is a powerhouse of emotions from start to finish.

It is a redemption story about an unlikable — sometimes downright despicable — protagonist, “The Kite Runner” opens in 2001, with Amir (Amir Arison), a Pashtun Afghan who explains that a cowardly decision he made at 12 years old shaped the person he is today. Afghanistan is a divided country and two childhood friends are about to be torn apart. It’s a beautiful afternoon in Kabul and the skies are full of the excitement and joy of a kite flying tournament. But neither of the boys can foresee the incident which will change their lives forever. Told across two decades and two continents, ”The Kite Runner” is an unforgettable journey of redemption and forgiveness and shows us all that we can be good again.

An adaptation of the best-selling book written by Khalid Hossaini, Matthew Spangler does justice to the very well-told story and turns it into a memory play. Amir as an adult tells his story to us, the audience, as a flashback. Director Giles Croft (who has directed “The Kite Runner” in London) has Arison play Amir as a boy and an adult, which means Arison never leaves the stage throughout the play’s 2.5-hour running time, and with his deep, rich voice, you hang onto his every word.

From the sets to the incredible Afghan music, the play lingers in your mind long after you have left the theater. Run, don’t walk to catch this limited engagement!

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