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Riz Ahmed On Board Oscar Fav. Bangladeshi Movie “Moshari”

Riz Ahmed On Board Oscar Fav. Bangladeshi Movie “Moshari”

Riz Ahmed On Board Oscar Fav Bangladeshi Movie "Moshari"

Jordan Peele and Riz Ahmed are set to executive produce Nuhash Humayun’s live-action short film “Moshari”.

“Moshari” was the first film from Bangladesh to premiere in SXSW’s Midnight Shorts Program and to qualify for an Oscar. The film follows sisters Apu (Sunerah Binte Kamal) and Ayra (Nairah Onora Saif), who seek shelter inside archaic mosquito nets – the only way to survive against bloodthirsty monsters – if they can first survive each other.

Speaking about the short film, Humayun said in a statement, “We always see the end of the world, alien invasions or monster apocalypses in New York or London in the movies. But what’s happening in Dhaka, Bangladesh? What’s the story of the survivors there? That question, and the exciting answers that came from it, were the seeds of “Moshari”.”


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The self-taught filmmaker wrote, directed, produced, and edited the film.

Oscar winners Jordan Peele and Riz Ahmed have now boarded “Moshari”.

Peele, who won three Oscars (including for best director) for “Get Out” as well as the best picture statue for “BlacKkKlansman”, will executive produce through his company Monkeypaw Productions.

“We were floored by Nuhash’s riveting film that evokes our subconscious fears, from the childhood monster under the bed to an apocalyptic future. He weaves together jump scares and an emotional survival story of two young sisters, confronting colonialism and climate change in the process. We’re thrilled to join Nuhash’s team and help share this story,” Ahmed and Moore told Variety.

Riz Ahmed is a Muslim pioneer changing the face of Hollywood with his phenomenal acting skills, sexy accent, and sharp mind and recently developed The Blueprint for Muslim Inclusion to enact now in Hollywood and a grant of $25,000 for Muslim filmmakers to tell their stories all with the Pillar Fund and Ford Foundation.


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The Blueprint for Muslim Inclusion has been created to help professionals understand how to support Muslim stories and storytellers. This includes various levels of changes and solutions for us to implement or change including recommendations for drama schools and even production companies. The Blueprint also includes the Muslim Visibility Challenge for leaders of the industry to take action, and utilize resources and contacts to support on all levels from casting to script screening.

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