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Life Coach Nina’s Lessons From Her Cat

Life Coach Nina’s Lessons From Her Cat

Life Lessons From Our Cat 

This week, we look to our cat Rockette, for some inspo on how to live your best life. Here are the top 5 (though there are many more):

Affection & Gratitude

Life Lessons From Our Cat Be generous with acts of gratitude and affection. Rockette often leaves random toys for us at the front door when we’re out – or outside our bedroom doors when we’re asleep or just busy in another part of the house. And it’s not just gifts. Rubbing against our leg, purring while she’s being pet, or lovingly giving us her ‘squinty eyes’, are all much-adored acts of love that she showers us with on her own accord, all the time.

These little gestures teach us to show our appreciation for those around us, without any expectation of anything in return. Not only does finding a toy mouse or spring or glove (yes, she has a favorite winter glove) at our doors warm our hearts, but it also reminds us that any time is a good time to show someone you care – and that acts of affection and gratitude feel good, no matter the species.

Know & Respect Thy Boundaries

As affectionate as our kitty may be, she is not shy about letting us know when she’s not in the mood for us or has had enough of us. She reminds us to be diligent about knowing what our boundaries are and being confident when ensuring that those boundaries are indeed respected.

She says so much, without saying anything at all. She is tactful and tasteful in her approach. She simply walks away or refuses to engage, which reminds us that holding our boundaries, need not look like a confrontation. Simply being confident in our ability to say, “no thank you” or “not right now” is plenty, when setting a boundary with another. Being respectful of ourselves and others is simpler than we sometimes make it.

Insist on Making Eye Contact

Patience is the name of this variation of hide and seek – complete with a weird stalker-ish vibe for the ‘seeker’. Rockette will sit there and stare with a straight face, and with such intensity. Whether we’re in the kitchen cooking or tidying, or sitting at the kitchen table, she’s almost always there…staring…into our souls… And it’s not just in the kitchen, though she is quite food-oriented, it happens whenever our little ball of fluff would like some attention.

Our cat reminds us to assert ourselves and to never play small. Her desire to stare hard at pretty much anything is another lesson – to never stop being curious and truly take some time to appreciate our surroundings. When she isn’t napping, Rockette can be found perched atop her tiny ‘window watchin’ cat tower, taking in all the sights and sounds of the outdoors. That, or she’s keeping close tabs on our neighbors. It truly is important to take the time to really notice and appreciate the beauty that is all around us.

If You Never Ask, the Answer is Always No

I almost called this section, “It’s never not a good time to ask for a snack”. The eye contact mentioned above, when food related, is almost always accompanied by lip smacking and/or a hard gulp, as though she’s been starved for food and water for days. 9 out of 10 times, she wins and is rewarded with a little treat.

When she’s bored or would like some quiet company during one of her many daytime naps, she will do one of two things; walk up to me and verbally let me know that for the next few minutes, my list of things to do must be placed on hold; or she will join me at my workspace and using just body language, will ask that I rearrange my tabletop to accommodate her wanting to be close while taking nap #17 of 157. If you never ask, the answer is indeed always no.

Quit Taking Life So Seriously


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The final life lesson our sweet cat reminds us of multiple times a day, every single day – is to quit taking life so seriously. A box is never just a box, and all boxes are important. And the tiny circle of light dancing on the wall, caused by the sun hitting the screen on the smartphone in your hand can be the best bit of entertainment – and cardio. And speaking of cardio, she really loves playing tag! I can’t tell you the number of times we’ve unsuspectingly walked past her, only to have her bolt out from around the corner and quickly wrap her paw around our leg, before dashing in another direction. Never did I ever envision myself playing tag with a cat – but here we are. 😊

From howling at the skylight to catch an echo, to randomly bopping my youngest on the head, or being used as a tabletop as I’m innocently crouched down to wipe up a spill, our little Rockette always reminds us that life is far too short to not be having a bit of fun, any, and every chance we get.

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