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Pyar-is-Pyar | Desi Rainbow Parents & Allies | SONA, NYC

Pyar-is-Pyar | Desi Rainbow Parents & Allies | SONA, NYC

Desi Rainbow’s Pyar is Pyar Campaign honors LGBTQ+ Desis who are fighting for equal rights and community acceptance. They celebrate LGBTQ+ Desis in the diaspora who stand at the intersection of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender identity, balancing living authentic lives while navigating stigma, and battling discrimination both as immigrants and sexual & gender minorities. To celebrate the passing of the Respect for Marriage Act in the USA, a landmark federal law signed by President Biden on December 13, 2022, that codifies same-sex and interracial marriages, they organized a beneficiary at SONA, NYC. Check out the event, as organizations, parents, family members, and allies came together to show their love by becoming #PyarisPyar supporters. #lgbtq #sonanyc #desi #respectformarriage #equallove

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