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In Conversation with “The Khan Sisters” | Founders, CTZN Cosmetics

In Conversation with “The Khan Sisters” | Founders, CTZN Cosmetics

The Khan sisters, Aleena, Aleezeh, and Naseeha, are dedicated to transforming the beauty landscape into an equal experience for all makeup enthusiasts.

As South Asians who were born in Los Angeles, the sisters recall shopping in a beauty department store one day where they noticed that not a single model in the campaigns flooding the displays were South Asian or Middle Eastern. Somehow these demographics felt repeatedly overlooked within brand visuals, product development, leadership roles within beauty companies, and beyond.

“What we want to see is a global brand empowering all beauty consumers to feel considered” – Khan sisters.

CTZN is committed to redefining inclusivity to empower all citizens of the world to feel truly represented. They welcome all ages, genders, ethnicities, races, sexualities, skin types, personalities – and beyond!

Check out their exclusive interview.

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