In Conversation with Saloni | Singer & Songwriter | New song ft. Bilal Shahid – ‘Nee Gundellounna’

As featured on Rolling Stone, Saloni is a London and Milton Keynes-based singer/songwriter whose original music and remixes have an eclectic mix of Pop, R&B, and Bollywood, bringing both her Eastern and Western worlds together.

Saloni’s versatility allows her to sing in many genres and in over 10 languages. Her passion for music and dance came at an early age, initially classical Indian music and then Bollywood as well as more mainstream pop sounds. As a British Asian artist with a strong Indian heritage, Saloni’s vision is to incorporate various languages in her original music for all South Asians to resonate with, bridging the gap between Eastern and Western cultures.

Saloni’s latest collab with Bilal Shahid, ‘Nee Gundellounna’ has been making waves and is the world’s first English, Telugu, and Bangla track! Check out her exclusive interview with our host, Monty Kataria.

This pop-Bollywood anthem carries a summery wedding vibe, complemented by deep, meaningful lyrics. With elements of Bollywood, R&B, and electro-pop, the song’s energetic instrumental arrangement features synths, beats, and bass. Its evocative mood, heartfelt vocals, and sentimental undertones create an enchanting musical experience. “Nee Gundelounna (I’m In You Heart)” showcases the combined talents of British Asian artists Saloni and Bilal Shahid, uniting their cultural influences from India and Bangladesh and linguistic prowess in a truly captivating fusion of South Asian and Western music.

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