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Rohit Gijare’s Electrifying Bollywood Fusion Workshop at Desi Dance Fest 2.0

Rohit Gijare’s Electrifying Bollywood Fusion Workshop at Desi Dance Fest 2.0

Bringing Bollywood to the heart of New York with a dazzling showcase at Desi Dance Fest 2.0! 🌟

Meet Rohit Gijare, the consummate professional choreographer and dancer, who calls the vibrant streets of New York City his creative playground. 🗽🕺 Born in India and introduced to the world of dance at the tender age of 4, Rohit’s journey took an incredible turn when he immigrated to America at the age of 8. 🌏

His dance repertoire is a rich tapestry of influences, including Kathak, Indian Folk, Street Jazz, Hip Hop, and more. With unwavering support from his parents, Rohit pursued his passion for dance, making it his career. 🙌💃 During his time at Rutgers University, he made a mark as part of Rutgers SAPA, competing in nationwide collegiate dance competitions for all four years and leading the team as captain from 2011-2013.

Under his leadership, SAPA consistently made it to the national championship. Simultaneously, Rohit began working as a professional dancer and choreographer while completing his college degree. 🎓 With over a decade of professional experience, Rohit has cultivated a global following. He currently serves as the Associate Choreographer for Mira Nair’s Monsoon Wedding Musical and played a pivotal role in Aditya Chopra / Yash Raj Film’s “Come Fall In Love: The DDLJ Musical” as Dance Captain & Ensemble Cast member. 🎭🎬 Rohit’s numerous accolades include being a runner-up on Dance India Dance and working as an assistant choreographer on So You Think You Can Dance. His talent has graced Diwali celebrations at Times Square alongside Terence Lewis, and he’s choreographed two NBA Halftime Shows for the Philadelphia 76ers. 🏀

In addition to his work with renowned brands like LVHM, Neuman’s Kitchen, Spotify, JetBlue, and Etsy, Rohit continues to share his expertise by teaching classes and workshops worldwide. He’s a versatile artist who creates magic on various platforms, from theater and film/TV to social media. Check out all that happened at his workshop and stay tuned for more! 🌐📽️📸 #DesiDanceFest #RohitGijare #BollywoodFusion

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