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Top 10 Bengali Sweets You Just Can’t Miss This Durga Pujo

Top 10 Bengali Sweets You Just Can’t Miss This Durga Pujo

mini dana bengali sweets

It is said that Bengalis are born with a sweet tooth and if there is one thing they cannot compromise on, is, of course, their box of Mishti. We owe to them, among other things, some of the finest sweets in India.

What is Pujo if not the ideal time to celebrate life and its rejuvenation? So, don’t deprive yourself of the sweetness of Bengali sweets this Durga Pujo – the festival that marks the victory of good over evil – and is reason enough to indulge in the finest of pleasures you have been denying yourself all year round.

We give you a list of 10 Bengali sweets that you must try this Pujo.
And no, we are not giving you the usual list of Rasgulla, Chamcham, or Sandesh!

1. Mishti Doi

mishit doi

This sweet yogurt is not simply yogurt and sugar. Made with condensed milk and caramelized sugar, Mishti Doi is something truly divine!

2. Chhannar Payesh

Channar Payesh Bengali Sweets

The method of making this perfect cottage cheese pudding is every Bengali household’s most coveted secret! Take its name and every Bengali becomes nostalgic and homesick.

3. Joynagarer Moa


Made from puffed rice (moodi) and date palm jaggery, this is the joy of Bengal’s Joynagar!

4. Mihidana

mini dana bengali sweets

A cousin of North-Indian ‘boondi‘, Mihidana is beautiful and truly irresistible.

5. Labanga Latika

laving Latika

This is not a dish but an artwork! Refined wheat flour, khoya, refined butter, and nuts – this Bengali pastry is unbeatable!

6. Nolen Gurer Payesh

Nolan gurer payesh

What makes this quintessential Bengali rice pudding outstanding is jaggery. And mind you, preparing this is not a piece of cake!

7. Pati Shapta

pati Shasta

It is different and quite innovative. It is a sweet roll stuffed with tasty mawa, coconut, and dry fruits.

8. Kheer Kadam

kheer Kadam

It is heavenly. Its two layers have two different flavors and they together make it one of the signature dishes of Bengalis.

9. Ras Malai

Ras Malai Bengali Sweet

No list of Bengali sweets can be complete without Ras Malai. Its main ingredients are chenna (cottage cheese) and milk.

10. Chhannar Jilipi

cheddar jilpi

This is, in short, a kind of north Indian jalebi, but with a difference!

Last but not the least, as you savor them don’t forget to remind your diet-conscious other-half that you really deserve them!


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