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Top 10 Tweets On #280Characters Of Twitter

Top 10 Tweets On #280Characters Of Twitter


Now Twitter is buzzing with its own news!! It is planning to increase the character limit from 140 to 280 and has selected people who can now tweet in 280 characters!

Wow! Really makes one wonder the importance of character count – feel like teleporting back to the telegram era!!

And though we are not included in the privileged class of the 280 character group yet, we did get some awesome reactionary tweets that we think everyone should experience.

Here is our list of some classy Top 10 Tweets on #280Characters!

1. The Real Scare!

2. Because People Know What Will Happen!

3. A Desperate One??

4. Feeling The Desi Pinch!!

5. And The Trump Scare Continues!

6. And The Trump Woes Continue…

7. For The Other World Leader Who Also Likes To Tweet

8. Those Who Still Don’t Have It…

9. King Of Comparisons!

10. The Lucky One Who Doesn’t Know What To Do With It!!

Are you a privileged one too? Tweet it and let us know!!!


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