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Top 3 Movies Of Vir Das To Make You LOL!!

Top 3 Movies Of Vir Das To Make You LOL!!

Vir Das

He will not let you rest in peace even in your grave. His humor is infectious. You are sure to make thousands of LOL and ROFL when he takes to the stage. “I am edgy, raw, offensive, vulgar, untruthful, but intelligent. I cannot make fun of children or people who cannot fight back. This is my limitation,” he says.

Vir Das

Meet Vir Das, India’s highest selling English comedian till date, who broke into the stand-up comedy scene with a bang a decade ago.

Das has become the first Indian comedian to find his name in the list of the world’s Top 10 comedians to watch out for in the year 2017. Variety, a US-based Magazine, has named him as one of the top ten comedians in its list.

So, here are some of the best movies that have Vir Das at his best and wittiest:

Go Goa Gone:  When a group of friends holidaying on a remote island of Goa are stuck on the island with some Russian Mafia, they discover to their horror that the island is haunted by zombies. Comedy and humor become quite challenging in this comedy thriller and Vir Das accomplishes the task with rare panache.

Delhi Belly: The bald Vir Das in Delhi Belly was unstoppable. Vir let comedy happen on its own and the result was that the viewers found the humor of Delhi Belly, an intriguing story of 3 roommates who fall prey to a gangster, completely effortless.

Badmash Company: India’s Jay Leno became Chandu in Badmash Company and enjoyed it. Vir found the film, which is about four adorable friends and their bittersweet experiences when they start a business together, quite “filmy”.

It’s raining movies for India’s top English-language stand-up comedian, who has proved his mettle as an actor. Das wishes to go international now.

Stay tuned as he is coming to New York City on November 9!

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