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Parishae Adnan’s Sustainable Fashion Is Coming To New York

Parishae Adnan’s Sustainable Fashion Is Coming To New York

Parishae Adnan’s Sustainable Fashion Is Coming To New York

Parishae Adnan is a Pakistani fashion designer who has made her mark in the industry by creating modern, timeless pieces that showcase Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage. She is known for her innovative use of texture and structure, often incorporating traditional elements into contemporary designs.

Her work focuses on promoting sustainable production processes along with empowering local communities through fair trade practices which provide livelihoods to artisans.

Adnan says, “I reject society’s version of femininity in favor of the modern aesthetic. As one world is ending and another is about to begin, I take this moment to recognize the need for empowerment and sustainability, the need for fine construction in garments, and the need for longevity in a world where our attention span and desire for consumption far exceed our ability to produce.”

At Parishae, they aim to teach women how to dress right. For that, they create designs that are flattering yet functional. Colors associated with masculinity transformed into bold, powerful clothing that denotes feminine strength.

Parishae Adnan sculpts outfits around all female body types and tailors them to perfection. Off-the-rack outfits for ease of accessibility and custom-made couture pieces that are one of a kind.

Parishae Adnan’s Sustainable Fashion Is Coming To New York

Keeping the need for sustainability and green living at the forefront, the brand ideology revolves around the concept of zero-waste, circular fashion. Parishae’s couture pieces are created from upcycled vintage fabric, increasing the lifetime value of the clothing that is built to last.

In order to promote practicality and slow fashion, “The Reversible Lehenga” was showcased at the Launch of their Fall/Winter 22 collection, Un-Gaze. The lehenga was created from fabric unraveled from old sherwanis and repurposed to make a double-sided lehenga that can be worn as two different outfits, advocating for sustainable fashion.

As New York awaits Parishae Adnan’s couture Sustainable Ready to Wear SS 2023 fashion showcase on July 3rd, Monday, at The Skinny Bar and Lounge, we hope to see some breathtaking sustainable clothing options!

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