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Scripting Satire: India’s Female Comedians Get Real

Scripting Satire: India’s Female Comedians Get Real

After struggling and fighting for a place of their own, female comedians from India are taking the laughter stage to a new high!
Amidst the fluff and hype generated through various social media channels, a laugh sure can lighten things up!

What’s more?

Sometimes, it even snugly fits in reality and a take on the many issues that we face today. We chronicle some of the best times when India’s female comedians hit hard:

1. We just need to start with the fair and lovely syndrome prevalent in India, don’t we? Every woman, no matter what age has been plagued by it and the advertisements on the whitening creams actually talk about a lot many things too!


2. Aah! How can women not talk about the men!!! And especially when in India, they more infamous than famous…

women comedian

3. The many things we actually impose on ourselves! Ouch!

women comedian

4. The only response every Indian mom has to all your life problems or decisions or whatever!



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