Karan Brar : From A Wimpy Kid To Disney’s Favorite

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Karan Brar

From Disney’s favorite South Asian boy to a straddling young chap, Karan Brar’s scintillating life story is one for keeps. The young Indian-American launched his acting career with the popular movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Born to parents of Indian origin, Karan was raised in Bothell, Washington, and pursued his affinity for sports through his school days to snap out of his shell and create his unique space.

Karan Brar

Karan soon touted sports to not be his career option and was introduced to acting by his father who had been involved in the theater industry in India. A couple of workshops and acting classes down, Karan felt more alive on stage than he had been on the field. After signing his first commercial gig when he was eight, his first big break came when he snagged the opportunity to play the role of Chirag Gupta in the movie based on best-selling trilogy, Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Here’s where his acting thrust the spotlight on to the young actor.

Karan Brar

In a conversation with us, Karan Brar tells us of how and why he took the plunge into acting and what the career has brought for him.

“Juggling school and acting came easy! Especially since my parents were supportive and sacrificed everything to make sure their kids are stable,” Karan tells us. It was easier on the actor because his timings on the sets were flexible.

Karan Brar

Tracing his roots to Punjab in India, Karan’s active role as an Indian character brought much responsibility to the young actor. Although, as he was brought up in the United States, Karan Brar had to shed his American accent and pick up the Indian intonation during his stint with acting.

“At first, I couldn’t do the accent,” he says, but Karan got better playing the stereotypical accent “since Ravi was a kid who had just come to the United States.”

His prep planning for the myriad roles he plays also speak much about the young actor’s career. “For a TV show, it’s more time to prep and get into a character since there are so many episodes. When it comes to movies, it’s less time to establish the character so the prep has to be quick,” Karan says.

Karan Brar

The Emmy win by South Asian actor Riz Ahmed sparked much inspiration for young Karan. “I was at my friend’s apartment. I checked Twitter and saw he won. I tweeted about it because I grew up thinking that I can never play a lead role but seeing someone South Asian win it inspired me. If he can do it, then maybe so can I!” said Karan. “Something you couldn’t believe just happened, history unfolds before you,” he says.

For his work, Karan has come a long way. “I feel proud of my accomplishments. I don’t care about being popular I’m more excited about my work,” he says.

Karan Brar

To many out there trying to etch their mark, Karan urges one to not “be afraid to pursue what you want. Do whatever it is you want to do.”

Well, the way he is going, we are sure Karan Brar will be getting much higher accolades than all his South Asian predecessors in Hollywood!!

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