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The Battle Of Pride – American Vs. Desi Desserts

The Battle Of Pride – American Vs. Desi Desserts

Kulfi Vs. Fried Ice Cream

As the holiday season approaches, people have started gearing up to eat some delicious desserts and enjoy themselves to the fullest. While we all love cakes and puddings during the holidays, there are a few Desi desserts that can beat the American desserts any day.

Don’t believe us? Then read on to see for yourself.

Carrot Cake Vs Gajar ka Halwa

Carrot Cake Vs. Gajar Ka Halwa

Carrot cake is a popular delicacy and makes for an utterly delicious and healthy cake. However, if you haven’t tried gajar ka halwa then you would never know how delicious carrot can really be. Gajar ka halwa just melts in your mouth and offers you a sweet and balanced flavor.

Coconut Cake Vs Coconut Laddu

Coconut Cake Vs. Coconut Laddu

Another popular cake of America is the coconut cake where bakers use white frosting and coconut flakes to decorate the cake. While this is undeniably delicious, the Desi coconut laddu is even more exquisite. It is small and light and comes with coconut flake covering which provides a nice texture to it.

Rice Pudding Vs Sevai Ki Kheer

Sevai Kheer Vs. Rice Pudding

Rice pudding is another popular American dessert which is usually made out of rice, water/milk, nutmeg, sugar, raisins, and cinnamon but the Desi sevai kheer can give it a serious competition. Sevai kheer, made out of rice vermicelli is quite smooth and delicious to have and is easier to digest.

Snickerdoodles Vs Nankhatai

Nan Khatai Vs. Snickerdoodles

Snickerdoodles, the popular sugar cookie of America that is rolled in a mix of cinnamon and sugar is an all-time favorite. Giving it a serious run for its money is the Desi treat nankhatai, which is a kind of shortbread biscuit and a popular Parsi delicacy.

Fried Ice Cream Vs Kulfi

Kulfi Vs. Fried Ice Cream

Fried ice cream is another much loved American dessert, which has a deep-fried breaded dollop of ice cream that includes a warm and crispy covering while the ice cream inside stays cold. However, a kulfi is creamier and denser and comes on a stick which makes it convenient to eat and utterly fulfilling to have.

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