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Why Laughter Clubs Are The Next Big Thing In The Indian Comedy Scene

Why Laughter Clubs Are The Next Big Thing In The Indian Comedy Scene

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After a long day’s work at the office, everyone looks for some stress busters. Well, what do you reckon about an hour of laughter? It’s medically proven that laughter bursts stress better than any other treatment. Of course, letting yourself loose and unwinding from the redundant, routine job is quite necessary and laughter is the best therapy to lighten up and relax.

But how do you get your dose of laughter? How many comedy movies will you watch on and on? Don’t you think that human interaction is all the more important rather than just binge watching shows on the television?

Yes, that’s exactly why the Indian comedy scene is seeing a lot of laughter clubs emerging alongside the regular entertaining bars and pubs. You can join the clubs anytime and you’ll have some of the best comedians performing for you, just to see you laugh and chill out a little more. Of course, it’s one thing to watch the videos of your favorite comedian on the YouTube and it’s another to watch them live and also get an opportunity to interact with them.

Laughter clubs aren’t those pish posh clubs that charge you an arm and a leg to give you an hour of deliberate laughter. These are clubs for you to enjoy good food and drinks in the company of people who you may or may not know, just to watch some famous (or even a struggling) stand-up comedian giving his/her all to see you laugh hard and leave the club completely content.

Laughter clubs have also become a medium to socialize with like-minded people and imbibe a dose of humor in the boring, sulking life that we lead. There are many clubs that have gained huge popularity in India. For instance, Canvas Laugh Club in Mumbai or the Urban Solace in the busy Bangalore City or The High Spirits Cafe in Pune are a few examples of how laughter clubs have emerged in the cities and have attracted a huge number of millennials to a daily dose of laughter. The clubs are also themed and set according to the type of youngsters who visit them. Warm ambiance, funky interiors and amazing food and drinks compliment the talented comedians performing on stage.

Many youngsters who have a really good sense of humor have now got a platform to showcase their talent and make people laugh to their heart’s content. Stand up comedy is now a much-loved profession taken up by passionate people to spread joy!

So yeah, not just the US but even India is following suit in having numerous such clubs to help people forget their worries and not take life too seriously!




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