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Zain Ashraf Changing Rules Of Entrepreneurship With Islamic Compliant Micro-Finance

Zain Ashraf Changing Rules Of Entrepreneurship With Islamic Compliant Micro-Finance

Another proud moment for us!  Zain Ashraf Mughal has been honored with the 2018 Commonwealth Youth Award for his very innovative and non-profit crowdfunding group, Seed Out and has become the perfect example of #MondayMotivation.

Zain Ashraf

Zain, a graduate from the University of Miami, a Pakistani entrepreneur was motivated by the aim of reducing the inequality in Pakistan and this has been one of the substantial goals for sustainable development across the countries of the world.

Soon after he completed his education, Zain came back to his motherland with the intention of doing something good and worthy. “Charity is the main part of my religion,” he says. For fulfilling his intention, he connected the dots and put his newly acquired degree to use by pairing technology with his aim.

seed out logo

He then came out with his very unique and out-of-box idea of Seed Out, wherein budding and underprivileged entrepreneurs could get financial assistance through a crowd-funding program so that they can expand or sustain a micro-business. This is made interest free and the micro-finance helps the entrepreneurs to create more jobs and of course resulting in economic stability.

Zain’s non-profit organization was launched in 2014 aiming to maximize the impact of Islamic compliant microfinance through their crowd-funding platform and since then they have raised over 350 entrepreneurs and have opened the avenues for many. Zain is currently holding the position of the President in the company and manages the entire operations and also to ensure clarity in all steps of the implementation process. His focal point is the creation of smart strategies and a robust structure. He also liaisons with other companies to gain more perspective.

The Commonwealth Youth Awards is a platform which identifies the innovative young people who have taken significant initiatives for the betterment of their communities. In making the world more secure, fair, prosperous and sustainable, and shaping the individuals to become bright and more responsible these awards definitely play a crucial role.

We are so proud of your accomplishments, Zain! Congratulations!

Jasleen Kaur

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