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The Selfless Sikh – You Will Always Find Help Around Them

The Selfless Sikh – You Will Always Find Help Around Them

Sikhism is one of the most humble religions of the world with one of the core concepts as Seva – the act of selfless service. Sikhs are known to exemplify this spirit through their gestures. They always go above and beyond to help those in need and no matter where you are you will always be protected by the selfless Sikh.

Selfless Sikh Gangandeep Singh

One such act surfaced on social media wherein a Sikh police officer was seen shielding a Muslim boy from the clutches of an angry Hindu mob in India. In the country where in the past few years mob lynching of Muslims has gained ground; interfaith relationships and marriages are still looked down upon, and where people are ready to kill and get killed in the name of religion, honor, and pride; a Sikh police sub-inspector, Gagandeep Singh protecting a Muslim guy from an agitated Hindu mob, is nothing less than a hopeful sight. 

Selfless Sikh Gangandeep Singh

The story goes as that this Muslim guy was meeting a Hindu girl near a temple in Nainital. He found himself surrounded by a violent mob who started manhandling him. Soon after the police officer, Gagandeep Singh confronted the crowd and quickly jumped to protect him. He warned everyone against beating him. So much so he even held the guy close and warded off the crowd who were intent upon thrashing the boy. A video of this incident is viral on social media.  

Not only this but in the past as well, we have come across many such incidents where this act of humanity of Sikhs has saved lives. The Syrian refugees were aided and helped and provided with food and even medical treatment by a group of Sikhs when none other dared to go to the country. They were also the first to provide aid to the Rohingya refugees when they were mercilessly evicted from Myanmar.

Selfless Sikh Syria

Besides in all Gurdwaras, langar is served to one and all irrespective of religion and caste. This activity of serving free food from the Guru’s free kitchen is at the heart of Sikhism. In summers, you would find, Sikhs serving sweet chilled water to the congregation as a part of Seva no matter whatever time of the day it is. 

Selfless Sikh Rohingya

In this world of hatred and bigotry, Sikhs continue to touch many lives, even when they themselves face discrimination in foreign lands. All these selfless acts are a true service to the humanity, and they teach selfless service to the society. 

Jasleen Kaur

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