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Hate Speech By Rangoli Chandel Gets Her Suspended From Twitter

Hate Speech By Rangoli Chandel Gets Her Suspended From Twitter

Rangoli Chandel - Kangana Ranaut

Bollywood actress Kangna Ranaut and her sister Rangoli Chandel are often engulfed in controversy due to their opinionated statements. These sisters are not afraid to speak their minds, especially Chandel. More than once she has gotten herself into the spotlight for her fiery comments.

Rangoli Chandel - Kangana Ranaut

Recently, Rangoli Chandel has left fans and Bollywood celebs in shock with hatred filled tweets.

Chandel sent out a series of offensive and aggressive tweets inciting religious hatred, violence, and Islamophobia. Her tweets referred to a member of the Tablighi Jamaat who passed away due to the COVID-19. She was fueling a recent rumor that a group of Muslims were to blame for spreading the Coronavirus throughout India.

Hindus and Muslims have often been at ends in India, and this rumor has ignited hate crimes against Muslims. Rangoli Chandel not only called out Muslims but also secular media to be stood in a line and be shot at.

Rangoli Chandel - Kangana Ranaut

Twitter has suspended Chandel’s account and a police report has been made against her by lawyer Ali Kaashif Khan. Khan stated that Chandel has “stooped too low” for attention and is “garnering cheap publicity” for herself with her malicious statements. Her tweets were reported by many as well, including Bollywood jewelry designer Farah Khan Ali and filmmaker Reema Kagti.

After being suspended Rangoli Chandel released an official statement attacking Twitter as being biased and anti-Indian.

“Twitter is an American platform absolutely biased and anti-India,” Chandel stated in her official statement, “you can make fun of Hindu Gods call Prime Minister and Home Minister terrorists but if you say anything about people pelting stones on health workers and police forces they suspend your account, I have no desire of empowering any such platforms with my perspective and honest opinions, so I am not reviving my account, I was my sister’s spokesperson, now watch out for her direct interviews, she is a huge star – she has many ways of reaching out, a biased platform can be easily avoided.”

Soon after, Kangana Ranaut came to her sister Rangoli Chandel’s defense by asking the Indian government to shut down Twitter in the country, and that India should find a way to start its own social media platform in a video.

Twitter’s response is that the rules apply to all, they stayed firm in their position against hateful conduct.

“At Twitter, no one is above our rules,” a Twitter spokesperson said in a statement to BuzzFeed News. “The referenced account was permanently suspended for repeated violations of the Twitter Rules including Hateful Conduct Policy. If we receive reports of potential rule violations, we will take action, as appropriate and pursuant with our enforcement approach, as detailed here.”

Rangoli Chandel - Kangana Ranaut

Chandel is an acid attack survivor who has been managing her sister, Kangna Ranaut’s career and accounts. She has used Twitter as a platform to constantly call out other celebrities, support her sister, share political views, and more. It looks like this time she just went too far for comfort.


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