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“Anik Khan: Street Level” Shows The Real Immigrant American Dream

“Anik Khan: Street Level” Shows The Real Immigrant American Dream

Anik Khan

Anik Khan is a Bangladeshi-American hip hop artist whose music is representative of his roots and culture. Born in Dhaka, Bangladesh and moving to America at the age of 4 with his parents for political asylum, Khan represents all those South Asians and immigrants who’ve dared to dream big because America gave them the opportunity to do so. 

His story is relatable and also unique in its own way. When his song hit #4 on the charts in Europe, he got booked for shows in some of the most popular European cities including Amsterdam and London. But since he didn’t have US citizenship at that point, he couldn’t leave the US for the fear of not being able to return and had to turn down all those amazing offers.

PBS American Masters’ “Anik Khan: Street Level” takes us through Anik Khan’s journey, narrated by him in his own words. It shows us how he went from being a local rapper in Queens, New York with ambitions of having a sold-out concert in Madison Square Garden to someone who appreciates his destiny and wants to give back to his people and do good for the community.

Anik Khan Urban Desi Nights
Image Source: Instagram via @anikkhan_

Anik Khan’s music is influenced by his upbringing and the South Asian culture, flavored with a masala of immigrant experiences in America. From belonging to a family seeking political asylum in America, to today becoming a face of the American dream, Anik Khan has come a long way.

In the documentary, he has told his story of modest beginnings to his friends becoming his family and how even his songs sound like the United Nations as he keeps in touch with his roots while exploring the reality of living in Queens.

After getting success in the music world, Anik Khan was bent upon giving back to the society that made him. The Kolkata Chai Co. in Manhattan was a dream come true.

Get a taste of real emotions and life stories. Watch the documentary right here and let us know your thoughts about it.

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