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No Melt Ice Cream! “Kulfi” A Beauty Brand With A Difference

No Melt Ice Cream! “Kulfi” A Beauty Brand With A Difference

Ice Cream That Doesn’t Melt - “Kulfi" A Beauty Brand With A Difference

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream, that too the South Asian version aka “Kulfi!” Delhi-based founder, Priyanka Ganjoo saw a gap between supply and demand for South Asian beauty needs and decided to fill it up in a sweet and impactful way by creating a fresh cosmetic brand.

Ganjoo is not new to the world of beauty and understands all that glitters is not gold. The deep-skinned diva has been serving  the industry for several years and has helped many brands grow. However, the harsh truth struck her when she realized how brands “tokenized and appropriated” South Asian culture without doing any research on the actual beauty needs. All efforts were put into fancy packaging and names to attract sales, without addressing their actual requirements.


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That’s not all! Another anomaly that caught Ganjoo’s attention was the rare presence of South Asians at the forefront of beauty brands. Are they any less? Imagine a talented boss lady like Ganjoo hustling backstage for years without being given any due credit because of her cultural background and skin color. *facepalm*

Moreover, the Netflix series ‘Indian Matchmaking’ made Ganjoo adamant about her brand’s mission, which is to promote and not hide South Asian beauty. She recognized the rise of damaging beauty standards and disapproval faced by women like her based on their skin tone, thanks to the famous series. 

Ganjoo waved goodbye to corporate world and decided to take off on her “Kulfi” journey – an expedition to confidence, self-expression, and self-fulfillment. To her surprise, her efforts gained attention right from the start. South Asians from various occupational backgrounds such as writers, designers, marketers, and even ex-bankers, joined her cause to make “Kulfi” a reality.

Ice Cream That Doesn’t Melt - “Kulfi" A Beauty Brand With A Difference
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The brand recently introduced its first set of products – kajal (kohl) eyeliners and showcased South Asian models flaunting the stunning shades.

Beauty enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the brand to launch its foundation line. That will show the real capability and commitment of the brand to its mission as South Asian skin tone is quite challenging in terms of foundation needs. Will “Kulfi” do justice to the high hopes attached to the brand? We will wait and watch!

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