Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Book On God Coming Soon

Hamza Ali Abbasi To Release His Book On God In June 2021

Did you notice something? Social media has not been the same without this man. Until recently he stormed over our news feeds with this bombastic presence! Hamza Ali Abbasi has a tendency to make bold decisions. Be it from acting to social media activist to his role in politics. He has proven that the sky is the limit when it comes to one’s capabilities and that’s what we love about him the most! *applauds*

The “Alif” star formerly announced on December 2nd, 2020 that he will be writing a book about God. He further mentioned that he will be inactive on social media due to this commitment. The book can be expected to release around June 2021.

Recently the Pakistani heartthrob broke the news regarding the completion of his book’s first rough draft. We could definitely sense his excitement over the internet! A fan asked him to give it for free and Hamza replied that it will probably be for free. What do you think?

Abbasi announced back in 2020 that he will be stepping back from acting and looks forward to devoting his life to his religion, Islam. He shared that his trophies always made him wonder that what value would they carry after he is no more? He realized that they would mean nothing but just pieces of metal to his future generations. What an emotional thought (sobs).

Nonetheless, he said that he will only appear in films that will be for the sake of his nation and religion in order to promote the righteous. Seems like the “Jawani Phir Nai Ani” actor is all in for a self-improvement mission. The actor proved his stance by making his last appearance in “Parwaz he Junoon.” The film shed light on the Pakistani air force and also focused on women pilots which made the plot even more interesting.

Drumroll, please! We are as excited as Hamza Ali Abbasi for his upcoming book and wish him all the best in his future endeavors. We hope this book will help bring about a change for the better.

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