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In Conversation With Bambi Bains | Women’s History Month Special

In Conversation With Bambi Bains | Women’s History Month Special

In Conversation With Bambi Bains | Women's History Month Special | @Montyislive

Exclusive interview with singer Bambi Bains to celebrate Women’s History Month.

She talks about her latest release and much more. Duniya is now. Duniya is female. Duniya is power.

Bambi Bains who has been singing since she was 16 when discovered by PBN is crushing it with her latest release.

Produced by Shaye this track is ahead of its time for sure. Catch this exclusive interview with Bambi Bains as she speaks on Duniya, the representation of females in the music industry, and how she keeps it a 100.

A versatile artist who specializes in gospel, soul, R&B, Hindi, and Bhangra music, as well as a dancer, actress, model, and YouTube beauty guru. The BritAsia Music Awards and The Bhangra Awards both nominated her for Best Newcomer and Best Female Songstress in 2014.

She was born in Birmingham, England, UK.

After learning to play the piano, bass guitar, drums, and dhol at the age of eight, she began singing gospel, soul, and R&B songs at the age of ten. In high school, she took choir classes and sang in church on Sundays. She taught herself to sing Bhangra music when she was 16 years old.

Bambi Bains is one of the UK’s most exciting new emerging talents.

Bambi has always had a very strong stance for female empowerment and uses this notion as a backbone for her creative license when producing and writing music. She has won many awards and accolades over the years and now living in London, she enjoys fusing the sounds of different cultures that surround her. Bambi plans to release music close to her heart and believes in breaking cultural boundaries through cross-pollination in music. “There’s so much to learn from the people and cultures around us and I really feel strongly in educating through sound. We have so much to gain and there’s no doubt we could all benefit more by respecting and understanding each other’s heritage,” says Bambi. “Living in London has really opened my eyes to the beauty that exists in all of us.”

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