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MasterChef Finalist Kishwar Chowdhury Put Bengali Food On The Map!

MasterChef Finalist Kishwar Chowdhury Put Bengali Food On The Map!

MasterChef Finalist Kishwar Chowdhury Put Bengali Food On The Map!

Kishwar Chowdhury was one of the three grand finalists on MasterChef Australia season 13 and though she didn’t take home the prize, this Royal Bengal Tiger mom has inspired a nation with her food.

From creating gorgeous meetha paan-inspired desserts to making traditional Bengali-style fish curries, Chowdhury’s food has always highlighted her Bangladeshi heritage. Bangladeshi food is rarely in the limelight and the unique flavors representative of the culture impressed the judges every week.

In her time on the show, she’s also made Bengali Khichuri with Begun Bharta, Bengali patties, and more. Her final dish of Panta Bhat with Aloo Bhorta and fried sardines impressed the judges enough to catch a perfect score. Panta Bhat (smoked rice water) is actually known as the “poor man’s rice” as it is made with days-old rice, it was refreshing to see Chowdhury cook staple dishes the average Bengali eats at home.

Kishwar Chowdhury was a contestant who served her whole heart on the show. She cooked with love and passion that reflected in her dishes every week. It is no wonder she instantly became one of the most well-loved and popular contestants on the show. Chowdhury hopes to create a cookbook for her children with the recipes of her Bangladeshi-Australian heritage like her Hariyali Chicken with an Australian twist. She hopes to pass down her culture and love of food to her children through these recipes that she’s learned from her own mother and grandmother.

The 38-year old printing business owner is a home cook, but you’d never know from the skills she’s shown on MasterChef Australia. She was born and brought up in Melbourne, Australia, and has a degree in graphic design from the University of Arts in London.


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The lovely young chef has traveled the world living in Germany and even Bangladesh for some time. She finally moved back to Melbourne in 2015. She went on to marry her high school sweetheart, Ehtesham, and they have two children, Mikayle and Seraphina.

Kishwar Chowdhury was a finalist along with Justin Narayan and Pete Campbell are the other two finalists. In the end, Naravan took home the prize but Chowdhury has done us Bengali’s proud with her work.

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