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“14 Phere” – A Double Wedding You Have Never Experienced Before

“14 Phere” – A Double Wedding You Have Never Experienced Before

"14 Phere" - A Double Wedding You Have Never Experienced Before

Have you heard of the double-wedding trend? No, I don’t mean getting divorced and married again. I mean having two back-to-back weddings. This is especially common in cases where the bride and groom belong to different cultures, castes, or religions. Of course, a double wedding means double the fun, double the outfits, double the food and double the dancing. But it also means double the drama and craziness. No matter how many double weddings you may have attended, I can guarantee you wouldn’t have been to one like you’re about to witness in “14 Phere.” 

"14 Phere" - A Double Wedding You Have Never Experienced Before
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When Sanjay (Vikrant Massey) realizes his conservative Rajput parents from Jehanabad, Bihar are about to set him up in an arranged marriage, he feels compelled to tell them that he has already found someone who belongs to a wealthy family in Delhi which would mean a huge dowry. While all of this is accurate, he leaves out the part that the girl Aditi (Kriti Kharbanda) is from an equally (if not more) strict Jaat family from Jaipur who doesn’t allow love marriages.

So how are Sanjay and Aditi going to make this work? Sanjay devises a “fool-proof” plan to hire a set of fake parents who pretend to be Aditi’s Rajput parents at the Bihar wedding and then Sanjay’s Jaat parents at the Rajasthan wedding. Confused yet? We were too. While the film offers several moments of pure comedy especially in the second half, it does get hard to keep up with all the complexities in this social comedy-drama directed by National Award-winning filmmaker Devanshu Singh. 

Every single actor has delivered justice to their roles in “14 Phere.” Vikrant Massey plays the role of a small-town boy which he has mastered through most of his acting career. Kriti Kharbanda is bold and confident in her role as Aditi. Some of the notable performances include those by Yamini Das as Sanjay’s mother who plays a meek woman full of love for her children, Vineet Kumar as Sanjay’s father who plays a strict and egoistic man, and Jameel Khan as the fake father who plays a retired theatre actor. 

One actor that really stood out in the film was Gauahar Khan who plays the character of Zubina, a slightly eccentric theatre actress who agrees to play the fake mother and really makes it her own. Khan’s presence lights up the screen in her delightful performance and is significant in making the film a comedic success through her acting. 

Streaming now on ZEE5, “14 Phere” does a creative job in showcasing several social issues that come to light in this fun family entertainer.

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