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Pakistan – Stop Pardoning The Murderers Of Your Women

Pakistan – Stop Pardoning The Murderers Of Your Women

Pakistan, Don't Forgive Killers Of Women, Don't Forget Their Crimes

Another day, another attack on women. Pakistan is currently facing the highest level of violence against females. Be it the elite class or lower, educated or illiterate – a rising degree of brutality is being seen. And Pakistanis are questioning the credibility of Imran Khan as the Prime Minister as he keeps on berating women for wearing short clothes leading to violence against them. The recent Zahir Jaffer and Shah Husain case has left the masses shocked. The brutality of the murders, and society’s utter shock, notwithstanding, it is likely that this tragedy, like countless other anti-women crimes, will become just another statistic in a long list of patriarchal sins.

Noor Maqadam, the daughter of an ex-diplomat was beheaded by an elite psychopath therapist, Zahir Jaffer on Tuesday. How did the family of the suspected murderer, Zahir Jaffer, who has a possible criminal history that is said to have led to his deportation from the UK, not keep a vigilant eye on him, especially if he was mentally unsound as is being claimed? It is dumbfounding that the suspect reportedly worked as a mental health counselor at one controversial therapy clinic, where he received treatment. Was there complacency that his wealth and social standing would rescue him from any situation? Even one as horrifying as this?

This week we also saw in the early release of the man who stabbed Khadija Siddiqui 23 times in broad daylight in 2016. An elite lawyer’s son, Shah Hussain who conveniently attacked her 23 times with a knife is out of jail yet again. Where is the law? Is the elite above the law in Pakistan? When will we see men like Shah Husain and Zahir Jaffer being punished? Seems more like a dream.

Pakistan, Don't Forgive Killers Of Women, Don't Forget Their Crimes
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How can a country ever succeed if its women are butchered every day? This is not the first time a woman is beheaded in Pakistan. Nor the first time a girl got stabbed! Why? Because 60% of men in Pakistan consider themselves superior to women. They think women are their property and have every single right to violate their privacy and body.


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Imagine kids growing up learning the concepts of good and bad touch, but is that really the solution to rising barbarity against women and children? The root cause of the problem needs to be identified before everything else. Prime Minister Imran Khan, please take notes. The cause does not lie in the type of dressing women do in Pakistan, but the way most men are brought up. From a young age, male minds are conditioned to recognize the opposite gender as weak and destitute. As they grow up, we see them in the form of Zahir Jaffer and Shah Husain.

Often people link such incidences with Islam, but don’t fall for that trap! Islam is a religion of peace, but good and bad people exist everywhere. It’s high time Prime Minister Imran Khan makes changes at an educational level to teach both genders about women’s rights and freedom. Don’t forgive the killers, don’t forget their crimes, and let us not bury these women into ignominy that they never deserved.

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