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Why Was Emmy Nominated US-Based Journalist Angad Singh Sent Back From India?

Why Was Emmy Nominated US-Based Journalist Angad Singh Sent Back From India?

US-Based Indian Journalist Deported From India - What Was The Government Scared Of?

An Emmy-nominated journalist of Indian origin working with America’s VICE News was denied entry into India on Wednesday and was deported to New York, his mother has alleged. She said her son paid the price for speaking the truth and was deported because of his work as a journalist.

Angad Singh, a United States citizen, and journalist, arrived in India on August 24th after an 18-hour-long journey and was sent back on the first flight out to New York.

While speaking to The Indian Express, Singh’s family members claimed that he had come to India for a family reunion and was sent back because of his work.

His mother, Gurmeet Kaur, wrote in the Facebook post, “They didn’t give a reason. But we know it is his award-winning journalism that scares them. It is the stories he did and the stories he is capable of. It is the love for his Motherland that they can’t stand.”

Angad Singh is a documentary producer with VICE News, a news and entertainment company based in America. His recent works include a documentary on the Shaheen Bagh protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in 2020 and another on the deadly second wave of COVID-19 in India, which also received an Emmy nomination.

Singh is an award-winning video producer, documentarian, and at-heart student covering people’s movements in Asia.

At 13, Singh made his first documentary film in an effort to address the racism he faced as a turban-wearing Sikh-American in the American South. He studied international politics at Columbia University while competing on the Division 1 Fencing team, which won back-to-back national championships.

He began as a production assistant on VICE News Tonight on HBO in 2016 and is now an international news producer.

The current Indian government is infamous for being averse to any form of criticism and has time and again made sure all voices against it are smothered. The deportation of Angad Singh is another example of the lengths the government can go to protect its bloodied yet whiter than milk image.

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